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Zimma Folding Walker with Wheels

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The Zimma Folding Walker is a rigid aluminium walking frame with wheels. It folds easily for storage or transport, and has rubber ferrules to prevent slipping.
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Product Overview

The Zimma Folding Walker with Wheels is a rigid aluminium walking frame with wheels. Known also as standard walking or pulpit frames, or more commonly known as Zimmer frames, they are mostly used indoors to support independent mobility. As walking frames have more points of contact with the floor they are suited to those with greater balance problems and/or weaker legs. A walker provides more support than a walking stick by redistributing weight from the legs to the arms. This can reduce leg pain, support the entire body more effectively and promote independence.

The Zimma features rubber ferrules on the bottom of 2 of the legs which prevent the frame from slipping, as well as 2 front wheels. Wheeled frames offer a smoother glide across the floor surface, allowing the user to adopt a more fluent walking pattern. Wheeled frames are usually chosen over non-wheeled frames when balance, instead of reduced weight-bearing ability, is the main concern, as they can provide much needed support. They are also useful for people who find it difficult to use a traditional frame as they make a more continuous walking pattern possible, and do not need to be lifted off the ground to move forwards.

The Zimma Walker is a slimmer walker at 54cm wide. This allows the frame to fit more comfortably through narrow doorways in the home. It is also shallower, at 51cm, to support easier manoeuvrability around furniture. When you're choosing the right walker for you, make sure you consider the size of the frame base to ensure the legs are not too wide to go through small doorways or around tight corners.

The Zimma Folding Walker with Wheels has soft and comfortable PVC contoured handgrips, which enable the pressure exerted through the hands to be spread evenly over the palm. It is height adjustable and light at 3.5kg, ensuring continued support for the legs without putting too much strain on the arms. This is an excellent Zimmer frame for those who struggle with their mobility but need a walking aid that will reduce in size for easy storage and transportation.

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Product Specs
Product Weight (kg) 3.5
Height (cm) 82.5-100.3
Length (cm) 51
Width (cm) 54
User Specs
Max User Weight (kg) 120

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All your questions answered
What is the overall height range please?
What is the overall height range please?
Thank you for your enquiry. The Zimma Folding Walker Frame with Wheels has a height which is adjustable from 82cm to 100cm.
Would the folding walker be OK for travelling?
I suffer from spinal cerebellum ataxia and I have no balance so need to use a zimmer frame all the time indoors
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes the Zimma Folding Walker should be fine for travelling as it folds down for easy transport and has wheels for increased mobility.
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