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Surewalk Walking Stick

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The SureWalk Walking Stick is fitted with 4 prongs to create greater stability on uneven or slippy surfaces ideal for those who have difficulty with their balance.
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Product Overview

The SureWalk is a folding walking stick designed to feel like an extension of your body thanks to its flexible pivoting base.

This new addition to our walking aids range is similar to a tripod walking stick in that it offers more than one point of contact with the ground. But with 4 prongs rather than 3, the SureWalk balances more like a foot for extra traction on slippery, loose and uneven terrain. The wider base also means the SureWalk can stand in place, so you don't need to prop it up against a table or put it on the floor when you sit down.

The pivoting base section of the SureWalk stabilises, pivots and bends like your own ankle. This helps you to stay balanced on inclines and uneven or shifting ground by keeping the base in contact with the ground for longer. With the extra freedom of movement offered by the pivoting base, the SureWalk is a forgiving walking aid for those who are a little more unsteady on their feet or for those looking for an all-terrain walking stick.

The SureWalk is a fold-up walking stick which collapses at 3 points, making it a lot easier to carry and store. And at just 16 inches when folded, this is one of the most compact quad canes around. A wrist strap is included near the soft-grip handle and the storage bag is perfect for travelling.

The SureWalk Walking Stick is height-adjustable between 30.5 and 37.5 inches.

The maximum user weight of this folding walking stick is 25 stone (159kg).

SureWalk Walking Stick ( 1 min 39 sec )
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Product Specs
Product Weight (kg) 0.6
Height (cm) 84-94
Length (cm) 8
Width (cm) 13

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