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Kitchen Genie

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4.8 / 5

You might be a wizard in the kitchen when it comes to cooking, but sometimes a jammed up jar or tricky tin will leave you simmering with frustration. The Kitchen Genie is a 5 in 1 multi-opener and a super handy kitchen aid for those with arthritis, weakness in one or both hands or reduced grip, giving you the leverage to open bottles, jars, ring pulls and twist-off caps with minimal effort.

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Product Overview

Ever spent too long scrambling around in every drawer looking for something to help you get into that jammed up jar or troublesome twist top? With the Kitchen Genie, you'll have the right tool for every job.

This 5 in 1 multi-opener is a handy kitchen aid for those with arthritis, weakness in one or both hands, reduced grip or any other conditions which make it difficult to get enough leverage on bottles, jars, ring pulls and twist-off caps.

The two hooks on the outside of the Kitchen Genie help you to prise off stubborn vacuum-sealed jars. Get one hook under the lip of the lid and use the other to break the seal, so you can easily twist the lid. You can also use the hook to lift the ring-pull on tins and safely peel back the lid.

The soft ring of the Kitchen Genie securely grips screw caps on bottles, helping you to twist and break the seal. On the other side of the ring is a built-in bottle opener for drinks.

And at the bottom end of the Kitchen Genie is a handy slot that makes opening ring pull drinks cans much easier. Just line the ring-pull up with the slot and lever the Kitchen Genie upwards to pop the seal.

The ergonomic curve of this daily living aid fits comfortably into your hand for secure grip when twisting or levering. At just 15cm/6'' long, the Kitchen Genie is small enough to slip into a bag or pocket.

Product Specs
Height (cm) 3
Length (cm) 15
Width (cm) 5.5

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