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In-Car Inverter

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The In-Car Inverter Mobility Scooter Accessory connects to the cigarette lighter in your car, so you can charge your scooter battery on the go. 

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Available for delivery on Tuesday

Product Overview

Your mobility scooter allows you the freedom to get out and about wherever and whenever you like. It promotes independence and gives you the ability to carry out your own tasks and errands without support. Unfortunately, that means relying on a battery that can sometimes power down, and leave you stuck! CareCo is pleased to solve that problem for you when you're on the go. The In-Car Inverter is a car power inverter that is connected to your cigarette lighter and allows you to charge your 2amp mobility scooter from your vehicle providing the ideal mobile power solution.

The Inverter plugs seamlessly into your vehicle cigarette port on one end has a standard three-pronged outlet on the other. You then plug any standard three-pronged charger into the Inverter and connect it to any electrical appliance as normal. The Inverter is excellent for providing electrical freedom with devices that require a power source or regular charging. They're great for travel and camping, ensuring that your equipment is ready to go when you are. The In-Car Inverter is excellent for use with your mobility scooter but also with travel kettles, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, cameras, DVD players, tablets, and equipment like airbed pumps.

The ultra-compact and lightweight design means it's perfect for travel convenience. It has no additional wires or assembly required to use it, just plug directly plug directly into any 12V cigarette lighter socket for electrical charging convenience.

The built-in safety features protect the Inverter the appliance you're using and your vehicle. It will only charge the scooter when the car is running. The In-Car Inverter includes a USB charging socket for your convenience and to broaden the spectrum of appliances that you can charge on the go.

Please see terms and conditions for further details or feel free to ask us a question in our Q&A tab!

Mobility Scooter Buyer's Guide ( 3 min 34 sec )
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Product Specs
Product Weight (kg) 5

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All your questions answered
Is this suitable for Li-Tech Air Plus and how long to recharge?
Is this suitable for Li-Tech Air Plus and how long to recharge?
Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the In-Car Inverter is not compatible with lithium batteries so will not be able to recharge the battery for the Li-Tech Air Plus.
Ive got a12v socket in back of my van will this charge my tool batteries
Ive got a12v socket in back of my van will this charge my tool batteries on the go plugging in a 3pin plug?
Thank you for your enquiry. It will depend on what type of battery your tools have as the In-Car Inverter is designed to only charge dry-sealed lead batteries.
Would this charge a rascal 600t
Does it just charge when engine is switched on and moving And also would I have to pay the vat I receive pip thank you
As we do not sell that product we can not guarantee that it will work. however it is compatible with many chargers varying in voltages. Thanks for the question.
Will this fit my scooter and charge it?
I have a Zoom Plus with a lead for charging which is three prong.
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes the In-Car Inverter should work fine with the CareCo Zoom Plus.
Would this be suitable for a pride go go elite traveller LX amp scooter
This product should work just fine with your mobility scooter, thank you for asking us.
Is this compatible with model QL 09005-B2402000F INPUT AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
My daughter has the care Co air lite is this invert or compatability with this charger
Yes, this product is compatible with the CareCo Airlite.Thank you for asking us Ros.
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