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Ergo Care Curved Washer

The Ergo Care Curved Washer exfoliates, massages and cleanses the skin in hard to reach areas. Ideal for those who struggle to raise their arms above their heads, or who don't have the flexibility to twist and reach without pain.

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Product Overview

The Ergo Care Curved Washer is your own personal back scrubber, offering maximum cleanliness with minimum effort. The long and lightweight non-slip handle with soft-bristled brush gives you extended reach for those awkward areas like the lower back, feet and legs without overstretching and causing yourself a mischief.

Its soft bristles give a comfortable clean to sensitive skin. Exfoliate, massage and cleanse the skin in hard to reach areas without raising your hand further than your chest thanks to the U-shaped curved handle.

The extended length of 35cm beats other bath brushes for reach, and the handy hole at the end of the non-slip grip means you can hang it on the wall to dry after use.

This is an ideal washing and hygiene aid for those with limited range of motion in their arms and shoulders caused by injury, disability or recovery from surgery.

The Ergo Care Curved Washer has a length of 35cm.

Product Specs
Height (cm) 8
Length (cm) 34
Width (cm) 24

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