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Easi Reacher

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4.9 / 5

Reaching up to high places and stooping low to pick things up can get in the way of your independence. Also has a magnet to easily grab dropped keys.
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Product Overview

Reaching up to high places and stooping low to pick things up can get in the way of your independence, especially if you're unsteady on your feet. The Easi Reacher offers a convenient helping hand, letting you deal with everyday tasks comfortably and safely.

The gripped jaw of the Easi Reacher helps you to grab all kinds of items, whether it's a book from the top shelf or your keys when you've dropped them on the floor. Avoid painful bending and stretching with the Easi Reacher, designed to help you reach the things you need simply and without fuss. Ideal for people with any back or hip issues, the Easi Reacher is also useful for anyone with restricted reach, mobility issues or a weakened hand grip.

One customer was exceptionally pleased because her husband was able to 'pick up grapes he had dropped - one by one. He also took a glass from a high shelf!' all from his wheelchair. Customers have also praised the easy retrieval of things throughout the house including 'reaching letters from the floor and the remote if its fallen'.

This exceptionally easy-to-use grabbing tool can be used to pick up items from the floor or hard to reach places either outside in the garden or in and around the home. The easy-grip, ergonomic handle allows you to use two or four fingers to squeeze the trigger, reducing strain on the fingers and making it ideal if you have a weak grip or suffer with arthritis. The magnet at the opposite end enables the user to flip the Easi Reacher over and grab anything metallic such as pins, needles, paperclips and keys.

The Easi Reacher is easily stored with a conveniently placed hook to attach to walking frames or hang near to wherever you use it most. For absolute convenience, they are available in 3 varying lengths of 18'' (46cm), 24'' (61cm) and 30'' (76cm). Light and robust, this excellent reaching aid is perfect for picking up items from the floor, opening curtains and even for getting dressed. The Easi Reacher is a versatile aid that can make your daily activities much simpler to carry out.

Easi Reacher
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Product Specs
Product Weight (kg) 0.12
Length (cm) 46
Length (cm) 61
Length (cm) 76

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