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Deluxe Teak Bath Stool

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The Deluxe Teak Bath Stool is the safe way to keep yourself feeling fresh and clean.

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Product Overview

The Deluxe Teak Bath Stool is the safe way to keep yourself feeling fresh and clean. Designed specifically for those who struggle to get in and out of a bathtub or stand in a shower, the Bath Stool is convenient, durable and discreet. Most of us enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath or a quick shower to freshen up and feel frustrated if this pleasure is taken away. It may become difficult to get in or out of the bath or stand for long periods in the shower, but these difficulties can be overcome by using the Teak Bath Stool alone or in conjunction with one or more of the many items of mobility bathing equipment available.

Teak is the perfect material for use in the bathroom and the Deluxe Teak Bath Stool, thanks to its natural looking appearance, doesn't stand out. It provides a seat with maximum stability for a high level of comfort. Free of sharp-edged components and known pollutants, the Deluxe Teak Stool is easy to install and easy to handle and transport.

The rounded triangular design of the Deluxe Teak Bath Stool will fit neatly into the corner of smaller showers, with measurements of 56.5cm (22 inches) and 41.5cm (16 inches) in the seating area. The three drainage gaps on the seat make for easy water drainage, cleaning and maintenance by reducing the build-up of water and bacteria. The surfaces are cleaned quickly and easily with ordinary household cleaners which ensures continued hygiene for you and your bathroom suite.

The sturdy and durable aluminium legs are rust-free and fitted with suction-cup rubber ferrules for protection against slipping, even when wet. They even have a non-marking design that won't damage your bath or shower. The Deluxe Teak Bath and Shower Stool can be height-adjusted between 35cm (14 inches) and 45cm (18 inches) using the simple push-pin mechanism on the legs, so that you can find the most comfortable set-up for safe, comfortable and relaxing bathing.

Watch the Deluxe Teak Bath Stool Assembly Guide.

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Youtube Video Component Deluxe Teak Bath Stool Assembly Video
Product Specs
Product Weight (kg) 3.4
Seat Depth (cm) 41.5
Seat Height Max (cm) 45
Seat Height Min (cm) 35
Seat Width (cm) 56.5
User Specs
Max User Weight (kg) 120

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