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Clever Suitcase Ramp

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The Clever Suitcase ramp is ideal for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. These lightweight aluminium ramps are perfect for easy transportation to boost accessibility wherever you're going.

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Product Overview

The Clever Suitcase Ramp is an excellent accessory to maximise the benefits of your mobility aid. Designed for easy storage and transport, the Clever Suitcase Ramp boasts a centre mounted carrying handle to ensure it is easy to carry and store, wherever you need it. Please note that the 2 foot ramp does not come with a handle, all others do.

The Clever Suitcase Ramp can be used with scooters, wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, allowing access over steep curbs, steps and rough terrain. It allows smooth access on and off the ramp with edges on either side of the ramp to prevent accidentally wheeling off. The ramp is meticulously welded by specialised robots to be extremely durable for solid and strong construction. The two hinged tracks simply unfold and can be positioned for maximum safety and support, and the top of the ramp features an angled lip for added security and fit to the higher surface.

The double width track offers a wide, non-slip driving or manoeuvring surface with a substantial weight load capacity of 270kg. It can be used in all sorts of situations and environments including as a car ramp, house ramp or by retail establishments to ensure you are in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Choose from 61.0cm (2ft) (no handle), 91.4cm (3ft), 121.92cm (4ft), 152.4cm (5ft), or 182.88cm (6ft) lengths, all with a width of 71.5cm (28").

The Clever Suitcase Ramp is simple to fold and unfold, so it's perfect for keeping in the boot of your car or tucked away out of sight when you don't need it.

Please see terms and conditions for further details or feel free to ask us a question in our Q&A tab!

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Choose Product Size
Product Specs
Loading Capacity (kg) 270
Product Weight (kg) 6.2
Length (cm) 60.96
Width (cm) 72
Product Specs
Loading Capacity (kg) 270
Product Weight (kg) 8
Length (cm) 91.4
Width (cm) 72
Product Specs
Loading Capacity (kg) 270
Product Weight (kg) 10
Length (cm) 121.92
Width (cm) 72
Product Specs
Loading Capacity (kg) 270
Product Weight (kg) 13
Length (cm) 152.4
Width (cm) 72
Product Specs
Loading Capacity (kg) 270
Product Weight (kg) 15
Length (cm) 182.88
Width (cm) 72

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All your questions answered
Max height per length - I think you made an error in previous question.
Hello. You stated that for every foot in length we can go up nearly a metre. Surely this is incorrect? My fathers doorstep is 10 inches high, so how long would the ramp need to be for a unpowered wheelchair.
Thanks for spotting that, now corrected. For a 10 inch step, you'd need a ramp of 7 foot for to create a gradient of 12%, which should be manageable for a manual wheelchair. For powered chairs, the general rule for these ramps is that for every unit of height raised a ramp needs to be 6 units long, making a gradient of 16.6%.
Would this take an electric wheelchair?
Would this take the weight of an electric wheelchair with person in?
The maximum loading capacity is 270kg. So in answer to your question, it would be relative to the weight of the scooter and the weight of the passenger. Thank you for your question!
What are the maximum height rise for each length ramp please?
To use in both doorway up two shallow steps.
A ramp should be 6 times longer than the height you need to rise. So a 6 inch step would require a 3 foot ramp, and so on.
Loading capacity
Can this ramp be used to load my 4 wheel golf buggy 100kg into the back of my wifes 2006 Mercedes A Class?
The loading capacity for the Clever Suitcase Ramp is 270kg/42st 7lbs. Thank you for your question.
No fixings at top of steps
This ramp will lead up three steps to a wooden floor in a village hall. No fixings at the hall entrance will it stay in place.
Thank you for your enquiry. The Clever Suitcase Ramp does have a lip at each end of the ramp which will rest over the area you wish to place it and keep the ramp in place.
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