How to Get the Best from Your Wireless Video Door Phone

wireless video door phone cover

Home security has never been more important. Here at CareCo, we provide as much choice as possible in terms of useful gadgets for the home. One of our most popular home security devices is the Wireless Video Door Phone. It has many advantages allowing you to feel safe and secure, but it’s vital that you read the instructions, follow the guides, and make the most of your new device. Here is a simple guide to help you make the most from your new security device.

Check the Camera Batteries Regularly

The most important part of the Wireless Video Door Phone is the camera. Without it you can’t check visitors as they arrive, or review visitors who arrived while you were out. The device uses three AAA batteries, which are the smaller round type. Once the image starts to deteriorate or the camera begins to flicker you should replace them immediately before the batteries die. If you buy batteries with a power gauge this will help you keep an eye on their levels. Also, don’t forget to keep a supply of spare AAA batteries so you don’t get caught short.wireless video door phone

Keep the Handheld Unit Charged

The handheld unit is portable, usable up to 450ft – or 137m – away from the doorbell/camera portion of the device. At first, it’s easy to leave the device lying around when not using it, you may find that without regular checks the handheld will go flat. Rather than trying to figure out how long the battery might last, try to get into the habit of placing the handheld unit on charge at specific times. It may not be practical to keep it on charge all of the time like a wireless landline phone, but creating a routine will ensure that your unit never runs out of power.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

There are two reasons for why you should never allow children to operate the handheld unit. The first is that the electronics are sensitive and could be damaged if dropped or mishandled. The second reason is safety. Your Wireless Video Door Phone is a safety device; it’s inadvisable to allow children to control such an important device that could allow anybody access to your home. While it’s important to keep the handheld within easy reach so you can allow people to enter your home, it should be kept out of the way of harm.

Check for the Best Spots for the Video Door Phone

The Wireless Video Door Phone has a wide signal range, more than adequate for most homes, be it a flat or a house. However, as you’ve probably experienced with digital signals some things can interfere with and diminish the signal, like thick walls or other electronic devices. You may find there are dead spots and good spots within your home. If you find a bad spot consider keeping the handheld device where you’re likely to experience a strong signal most of the time.

Regularly Check the Records

Who is visiting you while you are out? It could be family, someone coming to read your gas meter, door-to-door sales, or a potential intruder. The Wireless Video Door Phone allows you to check these records. Images of the last 20 visitors are stored in the devices memory. Getting into the routine of checking these records will help you keep a record of visitors – legitimate or otherwise – as well as flagging suspicious activity. It also works well as an organiser so you can call people back to rearrange alternative visits