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Relax With a Warming Massage On a Lynton Riser Recliner

January 29, 2015 -

Now that winter is fully upon us it can be difficult to get out with the weather being so cold and wet. We find ourselves spending more and more time inside and this can means we have to be creative in finding enjoyable activities to do. With limited space indoors it can be hard to do certain hobbies which result in us spending a lot of time sitting in front of tables or televisions to entertain ourselves. This cannot be done without the aid of a comfortable seat or chair which we can sit in for a long period of time. What better way to sit back and relax then with a riser recliner chair?

Our recommendation this winter is the Lynton Riser Recliner with Heat & Massage. This is not just any standard Riser Recliner, the Lynton Riser Recliner has a Heat & Massage function designed to provide hours of relaxation. The massage system provides comfort to your neck, back and thigh areas so you can loosen up any tension after a long day. If you suffer from aches and pains the heat function can soothe your lower back to alleviate these aliments. Fitted with a Dual Motor the Lynton Riser Recliner can recline its backrest to let you lie back on your chair as well as capable of raising the footrests so you can keep your feet up. By having two separate motors the Lynton Riser Recliner can recline its backrest independently from the footrest (unlike single motor riser recliners). This means that it can be adjusted into an unlimited number of positions so you can rest assure you can find the most comfortable position for you.

Lynton Riser Recliner Chestnut Leather[/caption] Another stand out feature of the Lynton Riser Recliner is that it is upholstered in a high quality luxurious Grade A leather which comes in a striking chestnut colour. With its stylish exterior the Lynton Riser Recliner looks great in any household and will fit in effortlessly with your current set of furniture. The Lynton Riser Recliner will be a chair that you can feel proud of when you have guessed round to your home. Great for the winter months don’t miss out on the Lynton Recliner. For more information why not check out the video below or contact us on 0800 111 4774. Visit our riser recliner shop to see all our chairs, and watch our riser recliner video reviews.


Malcolm Harrison
Malcolm Harrison

Malcolm Harrison has been involved in the development and manufacture of rise recliner chairs for over 30 years. His knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms, not forgetting his concern for comfort, makes him our expert in this field.

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