Introducing Sherborne – The New Range of Chairs From CareCo

CareCo has been developing the variety and types of chairs that we sell to provide our customer with the opportunity to buy a riser recline chair or 2 and 3 seat sofas that best fits their needs. Primarily we have added greatly to our selection of sofas, High Seat Chairs, Manual Recliners and Electric Recliners, as well as adding to our range of Riser Recliners by introducing the luxury range of Sherborne chairs and riser recliners.

2 & 3 Seater Sofas

2 Seater Sofa Recliner Chair
2 Seater Sofa Recliner Chair

No living room would be complete without a comfy Sofa allowing you to socialise and do a whole range of activities as a group due to the extra seating provide by a Sofa. To facilitate a number of different uses for your sofa not only can you choose between a Sofa that can seat either two or three people, you can also choose either a manual or electric Sofas as well as a standard fixed sofa.

The Manual Reclining Sofas will raise the footrest at the flick of a lever on the side of the sofa allowing you to enjoy a number of different activities while relaxing in your Sofas. An Electric Reclining Sofa is operated by a remote control and will automatically adjust your footrest to any number of different position great for optimising your sofa for the perfect seating position. Alternately if you just want a normal sofa there is still a great choice of high quality Sherborne Sofas that are great for just sitting down in relaxing.

High Seat Chairs

Brompton High Seat Chair
Classic High Seat Chair

For those who wish to sit and relax in their chair but still wish to maintain their posture then a High Seat Chair is the best option. These chairs are built from a sturdy wood frame that will not give like a sofa or riser recliner when you sit in it meaning that you will maintain a healthy straight seating position that maintains posture, great if you suffer from a type of spinal condition.

We have introduced a number of high quality products that not only provide the upmost in comfort but also are easy to move, making them capable of be using for a number of activities such as watching TV, reading and even eating at a dining table.



Luxury Sherborne Range Chairs

Sherborne Lynton Riser Recliner Chair

The Sherborne Riser Recliner Chairs are built to the utmost quality, handmade in the UK and are available in a variety of different colours. Additionally you can choose between a lavish fabric or a striking leather, which suits your needs and fits in with your current furniture. The Sherborne range of chairs are built to last and are some of the best chairs available on the market today.

As a result of all these new products we are comfort that we will find the chair that is best for you and will look good in any range of furniture. If you need any help finding the chair for you then why not speak to one of our discount mobility experts.

Visit our recliner shop and watch our video reviews to learn more.

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