Wearable Living Aids to Help You Through the Day

wearable living aids

There are many living aids within the CareCo range that can help you in just about any typical daily scenario at home, but sometimes obstacles present themselves when you’re out and about. To make daily life a little easier when you’re not in the house there are living aids that are wearable.

Wearable Living Aids to Stay Organised

Pill Box Reminder

This simple Pill Box Reminder is a medication holder that can help you stay on track with any pills that you might need to take during the day. There are many organisers that are great for keeping things tidy at home, but if you need to remember to take a dose while running daily errands it can be easy to forget. You can pre-set this device to make a sound when you’re due to take your pills. Additionally, so you don’t misplace the compact device, its made to be wearable thanks to the attached lanyard string.

Chic Atomic Talking WatchChic Atomic Talking Watches wearable

We all need to keep track of the time in order to make appointments or other events. But if you have severely affected eyesight it can be difficult – if not impossible – to read the time on a wearable wrist watch. The Chic Atomic Talking Watch is capable of reading the time outload in a clearly recorded voice. Additionally, the time is radio controlled so it’s always accurate and changes with time zones and daylight savings. Finally, unlike many living aids the Chic Watch isn’t overly utilitarian in appearance, it sports a stylish and comfortable leather strap available in brown and white.

Wearable Living Aids for Daily Safety

Elastic Shoe Laces

Shoe laces can be tricky for a number of reasons when you have mobility difficulties. The first reason is that they’re fiddly and frustrating to tie up if your have limited dexterity. Additionally, when they do come undone there is serious risk of tripping and injuring yourself. Some people choose wear Velcro or slip-ons, but this isn’t for everyone. The Elastic Shoe Laces can be left tied up and let you stretch the shoe to put it on, taking away the fiddly part. Also, the material stays tied for longer in comparison to classic wax laces, so you have less risk of tripping on undone laces.

Stay Safe GPS Tracker

For individStay Safe GPS Tracker wearableuals with dementia, they may require an attendant to supervise them when leaving the house as they could wonder and get lost. However, even the most attentive attendant can occasionally lose track of a wondering patient. The Stay Safe GPS tracker solves this by being a wearable device that can pinpoint the patient’s location. It does this by using a SIM card that can be texted to by any smartphone with Google Maps, it then returns its location to the phone and makes locating the vulnerable patient much easier.