How To Be Elderly and Independent

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CareCo does not have a “typical” customer. They come from all walks of life with one thing in common – varying levels of mobility difficulty or disability. As you no doubt see when browsing our range, we aim to provide convenient products to help you make the most of life and to suit all budgets. This is what a typical day might look like with CareCo independence accessories.

Independence Accessories for Waking Up

It’s Saturday mornindependence accessoriesing and you’re enjoying a well-deserved lie in. You’re woken up by your alarm clock, the lifeline designed to wake you during the week in these cold and dark autumn mornings. You’re annoyed at yourself for forgetting to switch it off but happy it helps you get up and hasn’t failed you once.

Then you sit up in bed, feeling the warm cosiness of your duvet and the Comfi Heated Under Blanket beneath you. Last night was cold so you switched it on for the first time since February. Naturally, it switched itself off after three hours when it hit the right temperature to keep you comfortable.

Independence Accessories for Hygiene

You’re meticulous about personal cleanliness and later on you’re going out for a special lunch you’ve looked forward to all week, so you want to indulge yourself too. You may need help with standing in the shower, so you sit in the shower with the Deluxe Teak Bath Stool. While sitting you wash yourself with our No Rinse Shampoo and the Long-Handled Bath Brush to help you reach.

Independence Accessories for the Dayindependence accessories

You’re meeting a friend for lunch and make your way there on your mobility scooter. Afterwards, you need to do some shopping. You can’t carry all of that on your own so you use a mobility scooter backpack to securely store your items.

Independence Accessories for Dinner

You come home to relax and put your feet up in a riser recliner chair. You decide to eat dinner in front of the telly so you’re going to need a lap try; we recommend the Lap Tray with Cushion. It won’t jolt around too much because of the soft surface on the bottom. You may have grip difficulties so you may prefer some easy to hold cutlery such as our arthritis friendly sets with ergonomic handles.

Independence Accessories for Bed

There is nothing on the television for the rest of the night, so you decide to retire to bed. You spend some time propped up in your electric adjustable bed with the back raised to a nice seating position and the legs raised slightly to help your circulation. You finish of a cup of hot tea in your Self-Stirring Melamine Mug. Then, finally go to sleep and get ready for another day.