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Travel Mobility Scooters - The Best Way to get out this Summer!

April 16, 2014 -

Travel Mobility Scooters

CareCo Zoom Travel Mobility Scooter

One of the most popular types of Mobility Scooter among our customers at CareCo are Travel Mobility Scooters. These are smaller scooters that are designed to be broken or folded down allowing them to be easily managed, enabling you to store or transport your Folding Mobility Scooter with ease.

What makes these Mobility Scooters so appealing is that they are great for days out as you can easily put it in your car boot and take it anywhere you want to go. Furthermore as Travel Mobility Scooters are very simple to dissemble and reassemble transporting them can be achieved with minimal hassle.

Although Travel Mobility Scooter generally do not have the same power and performance as scooters such as Pavement Scooters and 6-8 mph Scooters. There are many features that Travel Mobility Scooters include which make them great for shorter trips such as to the shops or visiting friends.

Due to its compact size Travel Mobility Scooters are better able to manoeuvre in smaller spaces, this makes these scooters more ideal then bigger more powerful scooters when going into shops or other areas where space is limited.

Most Travel Mobility Scooters have adjustable seats and armrests which allow them to be optimised to the individual requirements of the user. Additionally Travel Mobility Scooters come with a helpful basket to help you carry all your personal belongings.

Some Travel Mobility Scooters even come with a delta tiller bar which makes the scooter easier to control for those with limited strength. This also helps where a user may only have use of one of their hands as the delta tiller bar can be used with either the left or the right hand to operate it.

CareCo Airlite Travel Mobility Scooter

At CareCo we believe the next evolution in Travel Mobility Scooters has arrived with the all new and exclusive CareCo Airlite Travel Mobility Scooter!

What makes the CareCo Airlite Travel Mobility Scooter stand out is it’s incredibly compact size, the smallest in the CareCo range, yet still able to boasts the same power and performance that you would find on any other Travel Mobility Scooter on the market today. With its smaller size it is no surprise that the CareCo Airlite Travel Mobility Scooter is incredibly light.

Additional by breaking down into five simple to manage pieces, including the next generation splitting mechanism, this makes the CareCo Airlite Travel Mobility Scooter very easy to store and transport, making it ideal for use on days out and about.

CareCo Airlite Travel Mobility Scooter If you want an automatic folding scooter, take a look at the Velo Electric Folding Scooter - it folds down in just 7 seconds at the press of a button. Travel Mobility Scooters are a great way to allow those with mobility problems to still enjoy all the great benefits of going outside thanks to the ease in which it takes for those scooters to be transported and used.

Now with the release of the new CareCo Airlite going out is made even easier removing further the obstacles that prevent you from getting outside this summer. Why not take a look now and find out for yourselves!

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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