Two Classic Small Riser Recliner Chairs

2 classic small riser recliner chairs

bergen Petite dual motorNew riser recliners are always in development, offering updated styles and new technology year upon year. Here at CareCo we always strive to offer you the latest in the mobility world.

But, today we look at a couple of our best selling, small chairs that have been available for a few years now. These compact chairs have stood the test of time and are still fantastic small riser recliner chairs at an excellent price. If you are not looking for the best chairs with all the bells and whistles, then why not grab a cheap riser recliner that will give you as much comfort and joy. Our budget dual motor chairs allow you to raise just your legs, or recline just your back, and they also help lift you up out of your seat too.

Classic Lift and Recline Chairs

Oslo Petite Riser Recliner
Oslo Petite Lift Chair

Bergen Petite Dual Motor: This leather riser recliner was launched in the 2016 CareCo range, and offered absolute comfort and style. Available in rich brown or cream, the Bergen’s dual motor allows you to raise the footrest or recline the backrest independently, so you can find your optimum relaxing position. Stylish and elegant, the smaller size of the Bergen will look great in any sitting room. Because it is a small chair, it suits those who have a smaller frame.

Oslo Petite Dual Motor: Another product from the CareCo 2016 range, the Oslo is a petite riser recliner designed for smaller users and those with limited space in their living room. The Oslo will safely and comfortably accommodate users under 5’7″, and with a reliable riser mechanism you won’t need to worry about raising or seating yourself without assistance. There’s also a waterfall-back design which provides effective pressure relief to those who spend extended periods of time in their chair.

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