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4 Types of Armchair Leather Used in Our Rise & Recline Chairs

November 09, 2016 -
Leather Riser Recliners Chairs

When searching through the CareCo Riser Recliner Chair range you may have noticed that we stock a wide variety of chairs that are upholstered in a number of different materials. You may be surprised to learn that there are in fact some considerable difference when it comes to leather Riser Recliner Chairs. What material is best for you comes largely down to your needs and requirements so it is important to know what the benefits of each upholstery is in order to help you choose the best chair for you.

Faux Leather

Possessing the touch and feel of a leather chair; faux leather is an artificial material designed to replicate leather chairs. While possessing the same class and elegance as a chair upholstered in real leather a faux leather riser recliner chair tends to be a cheaper alternative which do not compromise in quality. This makes it an excellent option for the price savvy buyer who does not want to lose out on value.

Havana Riser Recliner ChairReal Leather

For some nothing can beat the feel of a chair upholstered in top grain real leather. These chairs provide a touch of class to any living or sitting room and will impress all your friends. Requiring a certain level of maintenance a leather riser recliner chair will last you for many years provided that they are cared for regularly.

PU Leather

Another type of leather that some riser recliners are upholstered in is PU leather. The key advantage of this material is that it is durable and easy to clean, ideal if you foresee mess and liquids going over your riser recliner.


Possibly the most interesting type of leather Brisa is characterised as having the same striking look as other types of leathers however it has been specifically crafted so that it can breath and possesses a ventilation system. What this means is that Brisa is a lot softer than other leathers and feels better when resting against the body. When picking out a riser recliner for yourself make sure to consider the material it is upholstered in so as to avoid any nasty shocks and to ensure the most comfortable experience for you. For more information on Leather Riser Recliner Chairs why not check out our excellent range now!

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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