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The Benefits Of Using An Electric Orthopedic Bed

October 06, 2015 -
man serving a woman in adjustable bed

Struggling to get comfortable at night? Feeling tired all the time? Do you find getting into/out of bed uncomfortable? Then it may be time to invest in an electric adjustable bed.

Designed to aid a multitude of mobility issues and health problems, while electric beds may be expensive they are well worth the money. If you're currently thinking about purchasing a new bed but you're unsure whether an electric one would benefit you then continue reading, as today's blog highlights the many features and positives of using one.

Easy To Adjust

Unlike any other form of standard bed, adjustable care beds enable the user to manoeuvre the frame/base to suit their needs. Designed to aid a long list of ailments, an adjustable bed allows you to tailor the 'experience' of using it to benefit you.

Whether you like to sleep with your torso raised, your legs and feet raised, or somewhere in between, electric beds give you a wide range of positions to choose from, helping to ease you into a high quality, deep sleep.

Camberwell Raised Position 

Superior Comfort

Do you find sitting up in bed uncomfortable? With the help of an electric bed this discomfort is eliminated almost immediately as you're able to move the frame into various positions. This means you're able to enjoy your hobbies and activities (reading, watching television, knitting) without putting a strain on your spine and neck, increasing your levels of comfort and relaxation.

Alongside this, an electric bed is able to improve the quality of your sleep as you're able to manoeuvre yourself to relieve aches and pains that may keep you awake at night. Electric beds are also great for those who're bedridden as they're able to sit up and move through the assistance of the frame, preventing a build up of pressure that can lead to bedsores.

Relief of Illnesses

As you're able to adjust the bed through the use of a remote control you're able to swiftly and smoothly shift yourself into a multitude of positions to relieve a long list of illnesses.

These orthopedic beds are similar to hospital beds and come as both single adjustable beds and adjustable double beds.

Head/Top Half Raised

  • Acid reflux/heartburn: If you suffer from heartburn or stomach problems then sleeping with your torso raised above your stomach can relieve the feelings of acid reflux.
  • Asthma: When you sleep horizontally your tongue relaxes and falls backwards into the opening of your throat (which can cause snoring). If you have asthma your body's ability to breathe and take in enough oxygen is already under strain, and by laying horizontally you're only going to make the problem worse. By angling yourself upright your body is able to keep your airwaves open, allowing you to breathe deeply.
  • Sleep apnea: Following on from the above point, anyone who suffers from sleep apnea would benefit from using an electric bed. By sleeping with your torso and head raised you're able to keep your airwaves open, allowing your body to breathe properly.
  • Tension: Laying horizontally can put a lot of pressure and strain on your back muscles, spine, shoulders and neck. Sitting upright can relieve this tension, improving the quality of your sleep.

Feet/Bottom Half Raised

Devon Electric Bed 

  • Circulation/Cramp/Water Retention: When you lay down the fluid in your body 'levels out' and moves towards your legs and feet, causing swelling and discomfort. By sleeping with your bottom half raised your body is able to drain the water retained away from your extremities, reducing any feelings of pressure or pain. This position also helps boost the circulation to your feet, preventing numbness.
  • Strain: Similar to the tension felt around your top half, your lower back and legs can feel the strain if you spend long periods laying flat. With your legs raised your body is able to evenly distribute pressure rather than letting it build up in one area, typically your lumbar region.

Easier To Get Into and Out Of Bed

Finally, electric beds enable the user to get into and out of bed far easier than they would be able to if they were using a standard frame.

This eliminates the need to ask for assistance, giving back that feeling of independence and freedom. However, if you require the help of a carer or family member, an electric bed aids the transfer process as you're able to move the frame into a suitable position to allow you to get in without hurting yourself.


Sue Adams
Sue Adams

Sue Adams has worked closely with our adjustable bed design and engineering team for many years, and stays up to date with the mobility beds and profiling beds market. She is undoubtedly an expert in beds as she enjoys sleeping on them too!

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