CareCo Tea and Coffee Accessories for Any Occasion

cup of tea

There are few little luxuries in life more appealing to us Brits than a cup of tea with cake and/or biscuits. Whether it’s for warming yourself up, sympathy for a friend in need, or simply to put your feet up with a book on a Sunday morning, we all need these simple time-outs. Let us help you make the most of your brew with these simple CareCo tea and coffee accessories.

non slip trayLifeMax Non-Slip Lap Trays

The first item you’re going to need when carrying a teapot, cup, milk and a plate of biscuits or cake is a tray to put it all on. If you have arthritis or mobility difficulties, you probably prefer to carry all these things through separately. Now, with the non-slip tray, you need only make one trip and don’t need to worry about slipping, tripping or losing your balance. It has a special coating which will easily hold cups and mugs, plates and bowls, and anything else you put on it at and angle of up to 40 degrees.

Self-Stirring Melamine MugSelf-Stirring Melamine Mug tea and coffee

Perhaps better suited to hot chocolate or soup in a mug than to tea or coffee due to the lumps, this electronic mug has a stirring mechanism to help distribute the mix. Its battery operated and can be places in the dishwasher – just make sure you remove the bottom section containing the batteries first. Simply press the button on this tea and coffee accessory and it will do its job. Simple to use and fun to show off too.

Jug/Kettle TipperJug or Kettle Tipper tea and coffee

If you’re filling up to serve only yourself you probably find it quite easy to tip the kettle, but it’s more difficult on those coffee morning with friends. Handle the kettle when serving multiple people isn’t easy. This Jug and Kettle Tipper in the range of tea and coffee accessories is a simple concept – a sturdy wire frame to hold your kettle or jug that allows you to tip the fluid-filled object safely without risk of dropping it or spilling fluid on yourself.

Anti-Slip Rubber CoastersAnti Slip Rubber Square Coaster tea and coffee

We supply these rubber coasters in packs of four and with a choice of three colours – blue, red and yellow. However, the most important thing about these coasters is their anti-slip function. They stick to the table easily, so they won’t get knocked around involuntarily. They’re also made from silicone making them incredibly heat resistant so your coffee table won’t burn.

Tea ToolTea Tool Tea Bag Squeezer tea and coffee

How do you remove your tea bag from a cup? Is it, like most of us, with a spoon? That tends to leave drips all over the sideboard and runs the risk of breaking the bag if you catch it in the wrong place. The risk of breaking is higher if you like a strong brew and tend to crush the bag against the side of the cup or mug. The tea bag squeezer tool takes the fiddly part out of the process. With this accessory you can remove the teabag easily without the risk of dropping it on the floor and you grasp it tightly and give it a good squeeze to get the flavour out.

Duo Cup HandleDuo Cup Handle tea and coffee

Some people struggle with lesser manual dexterity and fine motor control in their fingers, so they struggle to hold and carry mugs. This presents a higher risk of dropping the mug and spilling hot fluid on themselves and causing serious burns. The Duo Cup Handle is a safe and sturdy insurance against this as it provides a solid base with a second handle attachment, making it easier for you to drink your beverage in peace.