Best Places for your Automatic Night Light

night light

Do you find you need to get up in the night for whatever reason? Perhaps you work a night shift? Perhaps night trips to the bathroom are a common occurrence? Maybe you’re a night owl or early bird and prone to staying awake until 2am reading? We understand that although you need to see during the moments in the middle of the night, you also need to do all you can to keep light levels as low as possible to avoid disturbing other people. One potential solution is the Automatic Night Light that come in a pair. Here are some suggestions of where you could put yours.

led automatic night lightAbout the Automatic Night Light

These simple devices plug into your regular mains outlets. They switch on automatically at night and off during daylight hours so you don’t need to fiddle around with controls. Recorded at a maximum 30,000 hours of use, it uses LED technology which means low power consumption for high relative production, but you need not worry about these lights being too bright. They emit a low, warm light bright enough to get around that is not intrusive.

Entrance to the Bathroom

The most obvious place for your Automatic Night Light is the entrance to a bathroom so you can see where you’re going, but also to provide enough illumination within the bathroom itself. Many bathrooms now have a fan connected to the main light. When you switch the light on, the fan comes on automatically, which could potentially disturb other people within the home. Also, the main light might simply be too bright for you while in the toilet. A dim light will help guide your way, but also won’t generate much noise.

Your Upstairs Landingled automatic night light

This applies especially to houses with an upstairs bathroom or people with small children. You can kill two birds with one stone by placing your Automatic Night Light where you can easily guide your way along the landing, either to check on the children or go to the toilet. These night lights are constantly on, but they are a low level that they don’t disturb users but bright enough so you can see where you are going. You’ll find fewer better places than an upstairs landing when positioned correctly and they could help guide your way downstairs too.

The Entrance Hallway

This is an ideal location for one of your Automatic Night Light, especially for those who work on a night shift. When you get in from work, it’s tempting to switch a light on but with this Automatic Night Light, there is no need to do that as it will guide your way into the home. The night light comes on in low-level, switching off at dawn. The light effectively knows when it is dark enough to come on and is bright enough for you to see when placed in the entrance hallway.

The Kitchen

Are you a fan of night feasting, get thirsty in the night, or eat late because you work unsociable hours? Similarly, the kitchen is a great place for your Automatic Night Light to avoid creating unnecessary illumination through the rest of the home. The kitchen can be a source of bright lights, especially when it’s illuminated by strip lighting. That low-level light can also be a great guide to help you reach the toilet or bathroom, as in many homes you need to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom