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How To Shower Safely and Avoid Slips and Falls

March 10, 2017 -
How To Shower Safely and Avoid Slips and Falls

While having a good soak in the bath feels like a luxury, it does use a lot of water and takes time you won’t always have. Most of us shower every day – it’s a quick in and out. But for some who struggle with mobility, it can be difficult to have a shower, especially if you have a typical shower-bath combination rather than a separate shower unit or walk-in model. The following CareCo shower accessories help you have an easier life while showering, making it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

adjustable shower stoolAdjustable Shower Stool

The Adjustable Shower Stool is one of the most useful items in the CareCo shower accessories range. It’s lightweight but sturdy so you shouldn’t find too much difficulty in moving it in and out of your shower. With eight separate height settings, it’ll fit almost any shower – whether you have a cubicle or a shower-bath combination. You need not worry about it slipping all over the place. This chair has rubber stoppers on the bottoms that mean it will keep firmly in place. Shower in comfort and safety.

Bath Safe Anti-Slip Bath and Shower Mat

The Bath StaySafe Anti-Slip Mat overcomes the biggest concern of having a shower when your mobility is problematic, which is slipping over and getting injured. When water flows and soap mixes with water, it’s easy to slip up. Anti-slip mats have been around for many years, but we are confident that this is one of the best available on the market. It’s not just anti-slip, it drains easily and the type of plastics used in the construction means it inhibits the growth of mould in your tub. Machine washable and quick drying, you’ve never had cause to be excited about an anti-slip mat until now.

Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Stickers

If you have only a small bath or shower and don’t have the storage space for mobility accessories such as a stool and removable anti-slip mats, Aqua Safe Anti-Slip Stickers

wall mounted shower chair

are a cheaper and lighter alternative to ensure your safety while showering. This type comes in rolls of disks and strips that you can peel off and place wherever you like. They are made in such a way as to not peel off easily once placed and won’t accumulate grime and mould like many other anti-slip mats are prone to doing. The most important thing is that you can place these in key areas where you will not easily fall over and injure yourself.

Wall Mounted Shower Chair

The Wall Mounted Shower Chair is perfect for smaller showers and if you share a shower. Not only does it allow you to sit in comfort and safety when having a shower, it also makes a useful rest for when standing and storage space for toiletries too. Showering can be difficult for people who need to keep standing up and sitting down and this makes a great removable device when other people use the shower. It’s height adjustable for your convenience. This shower stool is made from aluminium so it won’t go rusty within a few months and can take a lot of weight (up to 25st). Visit our bathroom chair and stool shop for more products to aid you in the bathroom. We also have a rage of CareCo bathroom chairs that make washing and using the bathroom so much easier.

Jim Powell
Jim Powell

Jim Powell has been designing accessible bathrooms for over 20 years and over recent years has worked closely with mobility advisers to explore the best way to assist the elderly and infirm in that most private but essential part of our lives. His expertise, knowledge and understanding helps our customers to regain or retain the dignity we all deserve.

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