CareCo Riser Recliners Features and Advantages

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It can all get a bit confusing when searching through riser recliners. Do you want electric or manual? Single or dual motor? And what on earth is “Tilt in Space”? These features and much more are sold as key points with suppliers proudly use these terms as buzzwords to inspire you to buy. This guide will explain what each feature is and the benefits to each type. We want to help you make the right decision when investing in a riser recliner chair from CareCo.

Manual Riser Recliners

Manual riser recliners are exactly that – they move, recline, sit upright, and rise purely by manual mechanical means. The user’s body weight determines how and when the chair leans back. The head and footrest lean back together, giving your complete control over the speed.

Advantages of manual riser recliners: They are simple and easy to use without having to worry about complex electrical parts. You can still use them in a power cut and they are cheaper than electric models.

Disadvantages of a manual riser recliners: Manual models lack the fine control of electrical models. You have two options – reclined or upright with no option to recline only slightly.

Malvern Standard Riser Recliners (Single)Single Motor Electric Riser Recliners

A single motor recliners is often the cheapest type of electric recliner. As they’re electric, you do need to plug them into a power source. The controls are simple and won’t take much working out. The single motor operates the top and the bottom together for a simple and effective reclining option.

Advantages of single motor riser recliners: These use a simple system, usually with just two buttons; up and down. People with poor eyesight or those who may get confused by a multitude of controls will find this easy.

Disadvantages of single motor riser recliners: The user cannot work the head and legs independently of each other. This is problematic for people who need to sit upright with their legs raised or are looking to lie prone.

Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliners

Dual motor recliners have two motors – one for the top to recline the body and one for the bottom to raise the leg section. This allows the user to work the parts independently. They are more expensive but better suited to people who require more functions.

Advantages of dual motor models: More features and more functions for finer control over the device, meaning superior comfort.

Disadvantages of dual motor models: The complex electronic parts mean there is more that can go wrong, but this is a rarity. There is also a higher initial cost.

riser recliners tilt in spaceTilt in Space Feature

A riser recliner device with this function tips back while the user is seated. Most executive chairs have a tilt in space feature; albeit a simple one where a lock is pushed one way and the user may tilt back until in a comfortable position where it’s locked again.

Advantages of tilt in space: Maximum support for the back and pelvis while seated, so it’s ideal for people with hip problems and those with circulation issues.

Wall Hugger Feature

This is a variation on the typical recliner model where the chair tilts back. With wall hugger riser recliner chairs, the device slides forward rather than backwards. The main advantage to this is that you can put the chair up against the wall without needing much space behind, helping you get the best out of a small room.

How To Set Up Your Riser Recliner