Reasons to Buy an Off-Road Mobility Scooter

CareCo Mobility Scooter

Our web, and our brick and mortar shop customers know how dedicated to choice CareCo can be. Mobility scooters represent our most important range. People know we can be relied on to provide some of the best products at the best prices. When choosing a new mobility scooter, you’ll find plenty of choices. In the past, we’ve discussed whether you should opt for a pavement or road scooter. We’ve not yet discussed reasons for purchasing a CareCo off-road mobility scooter. They are not suitable for everyone but appeal to some users. Perhaps it may be a better option for you?

What is Defined as a CareCo Off-Road Mobility Scooter?

Several design features determine whether a mobility scooter is an off-road model. As you browse through our stock, you will notice some key indicators in the technical and product description.

  • Suspension: CareCo off-road mobility scooter product description will emphasise that the vehicle has superior suspension for coping with rugged and difficult terrain. This suspension is needed for your comfort
  • Higher torque: Torque is simply the amount of power that can come from any given gear. On average, it’s higher in off-road vehicles so you won’t roll back even when stationary
  • Wheels: You will notice that CareCo off-road mobility scooter options come with heavier, larger wheels with rivets and grooves for greater grip. Most models are made to order and you’ll be provided with a choice of wheel types depending on terrain

Off-Road Mobility ScooterFreedom for Rural Users

When we talk about footpath and roadworthy mobility scooters, we are essentially discussing urban and suburban functions. This is another area where people who live in remote and rural areas are ignored. Not every road is tarmacked. Not every footway out of a village is paved. Only dirt tracks and mud paths link some areas of our beautiful country. There is a danger that a mobility scooter designed for footpaths and roads will be stuck on a bad weather day on a rural road. CareCo off-road mobility scooters are designed to travel over uneven, unstable and rugged terrain, making the lives of people who live in remote areas much easier.

Living a Full Life

Just because you’re a mobility scooter user it doesn’t mean you cannot do all the things you used to enjoy. Do you enjoy climbing mountains and descending into valleys in the north of England or Scotland? Do you like extended walks through the New Forest? Do you want to get up close to the tors of Dartmoor? Some of these places do not have roads leading all the way up in order to preserve their natural integrity. The ground is rugged and your mobility poor. There is no way you’re getting up to proclaim your small victory of reaching the top of that mountain. CareCo off-road mobility scooters allow you to have that lease of life once again.

You Live in Hilly Areas

When we think of urban and suburban living, we tend to think of flat and uniform. But many towns and cities in our country are not flat. Rows of houses are built on steep hills, at the top and at the bottom. Normal mobility scooters may struggle on terrain this uneven. You don’t necessarily need to live in a small village or in a National Park to feel as if you do. CareCo off-road mobility scooters are extra sturdy and have greater power in the motor to get up and down these long and steep inclines, making your daily even so much easier. Don’t think of these vehicles as just for people who live in the country, they are for anybody who lives on an extreme terrain.