Protect your Mobility Scooter from Thieves and Vandals

CareCo Cruiser Mobility Scooter

For those following the news recently you may have noticed that there has been a growing trend of the number of mobility scooter thefts occurring. As mobility scooters can be very expensive to replace the loss of a person’s mobility scooter can be devastating as the mobility scooter owner could be left with the loss of their ability to get out and about. This can have serious implication as this can prevent a person relying on their mobility scooter for going to the shops or from visiting friends and family. For this reason it is very important for mobility scooter owners to take every precaution possible to prevent such thefts and be extra vigilant to the danger. In order to help you protect your mobility scooter we have put together some advice to ensure your mobility scooter remains safe.

Always Keep It In Sight

Mobility Scooter Alarm
Mobility Scooter Alarm

Never leave your mobility scooter unattended when you are out as this can be the prime opportunity for thieves to take your mobility scooter. If your mobility scooter has a key then make sure when away from the mobility scooter that this is removed at all time so that it is not possible for someone to drive away with your property. If you really need to leave your mobility scooter unattended even for just a few minutes than it is vital that you use a security alarm to deter burglars and to alert you and others in the event that someone tries to access your mobility scooter. CareCo offer a mobility scooter alarm that is ideal for ensuring your mobility scooter is safe. Our mobility scooter alarm is very easy to use and can be discreetly attached to our scooter and will sound if anyone tries to touch your mobility scooter, instantly alerting you to thieves.

Safe Home Storage

When storing your mobility scooter at home you must always store it in a dry place that is out of site and that can be locked away. While leaving your mobility scooter in your garden may seem safe, thieves will see this as the perfect opportunity to take your mobility scooter, even if the view to your garden is obscured. For this reason we would always recommend leaving your mobility scooter somewhere safe behind lock and key such as in a locked shed or even inside your home or garage.

Remember if your mobility scooter is stolen or vandalised your home insurance will not cover any loss or damage. This means that if you haven’t taken out separate insurance for your mobility scooter then you could find yourself without any means to get outdoors.

The best advice we can give you to protect your Mobility Scooter from thieves is to remain vigilant when leaving your mobility scooter, take as many precautions as possible and do not take any unnecessary risks. Hopefully you will never have to experience the theft of your mobility scooter but still it’s better to be safe than risk losing your only means of getting out and about.