CareCo Products and Accessories Perfect for a Boxset Binge

boxset binge

Autumn is most definitely here – it’s getting darker earlier and the mornings and evenings are certainly colder. Now is the ideal time of year to put your feet up with a cup of cocoa and indulge in your favourite TV boxset binge. Why not treat yourself to some of the following CareCo products to make your night in all the more luxurious?

spill proof cupSpill-Proof Cup

Picture the scene: You’re watching a particularly gripping episode in which you are perched on the edge of your seat and have barely blinked. You reach for a cup, take a sip and place it down again. But you miss the table, it tumbles over you and liquid goes everywhere. The magic is broken as you rush around looking for something to clear it up. The Spill-Proof Cup is a simple device with a screw on lid that won’t come off easily. It can take hot or cold liquid and you’ll drink from it using a straw (not included). It’s simple in its effectiveness as a boxset binge accessory goes.

Food Guard – ServSafe

Eating a meal while watching the television is one of the small pleasures in life; unfortunately, it can be messy if you drop food over your clothes and on the floor rather than on the table. A lap table can help, but if you eat off your lap, the plate will not be particularly stable. That’s why some people choose to use a food guard while eating. Designed for people with arthritis or rheumatism, it can be a simple and effective safety guard against dropping food all over ourselves when eating a meal in front of the television.

Non-Slip Lap Tray

You could also complement your other boxset binge products with a luxury lap tray specially designed to hold your food and drink items, keeping them securely in place. The special coating grips onto plates, glasses, mugs, and other potentially hazardous items, so you don’t have to worry about slippage when watching the television in your armchair.

A Riser Recliner Chair

Speaking of armchairs, this is the ultimate boxset binge accompaniment. Undoubtedly, riser recliner chairs have medical benefits but they are about relaxing and indulgence too. There are few things in life more relaxing than leaning back into a riser recliner and putting your feet up. Coming in a choice of four colours – black, brown, burgundy, and cream – the Toronto Leather riser recliner is pure luxury with its leather covering and dual motor function. Unlike some other models, it has a balance control to help you fine-tune your comfort.

lap table and a cream armchairLap Tables

No riser recliner is complete as a boxset binge accessory without a somewhere to put your drink and nibbles. Take the Universal Adjustable Table, for instance. Designed to complement almost riser recliner, your evening relaxing in front of the television is improved with its adjustable height, lightweight design, and ample storage space. It can go on the left or the right with a few simple adjustments.