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The Best Home Telephones For Poor Eyesight, Hearing Loss and Arthritis

February 02, 2018 -

Even in the early 21st century with so many forms of communication available to us, our phone remains an essential device. The landline may be falling out of use for the younger generation, but there remains a need for voice conversation. We are committed to continuing to offer our customers choice and that also extends to CareCo phones. Here are some of our best sellers and favourites.

Easi 123 Big Button TelephoneEasi 123 Big Button Tele phone

For when all you need from a CareCo phone is a simple landline device to be able to call friends and family, the Easi 123 Big Button Telephone is perfect. This is our no-frills model that fulfils the basic functions required of people with arthritis or rheumatism and those with poor manual dexterity. An LED flasher alerts the hard of hearing to an incoming call. Call friends and family quickly and easily without making it a painful chore. An added hands-free speaker means you don’t have to hold the handset and volume control helps you hear easily.  

Geoff Chant
Geoff Chant

Geoff Chant is our mobility & living aids expert. He product tests everything from a can opener to our video door phones. You name it, Geoff has tried it with a critical eye and a strong sense of what can make life easier; something we all appreciate!

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