Personal Grooming Accessories to Keep You Looking and Feeling Your Best

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We all want keep ourselves looking clean and presentable. Not only does it give off a good first impression to others, but we often feel better for it ourselves. Staying well groomed, however, can be time consuming and tedious. This is especially true if you struggle with things such as dexterity or eyesight. To make your personal grooming regime an easier experience CareCo offer a variety of different products that can both assist you and make you feel your best.

Facial Personal Grooming Accessories

Watertight Nose and Ear TrimmerWatertight Nose and Ear Trimmer personal grooming

The presence of ear and nose hair is an annoying and seemingly inevitable part of getting older, but keeping it in check shouldn’t have to be a time-consuming or uncomfortable experience. The Watertight Nose and Ear Trimmer aims to make it a quick and simple task with minimal discomfort. The trimmer section has a rotary action instead of a pulling or tugging motion, reducing the amount of pain involved in hair removal. Additionally, it can be used in the shower to streamline your personal grooming regime.

Facial Steamer with AromaFacial Steamer with Aroma personal grroming

If you fancy a facial personal grooming product that’s little more luxurious then the Facial Steamer with Aroma is a perfect choice. This steamer has two attachments for different functions. The first is the full-face steamer, which can provide both aromatherapy and gently apply steam the face to open your pores. The second is a smaller attachment just for the nose to provide aromatherapy and relieve congestion. You can also add scented oils to enhance the experience.

Hair and Nails Personal Grooming Accessories

Nail Clipper with MagnifierNail Clipper with Magnifier personal grooming

This is a simple and effective solution to a regular inconvenience. Being able to see the length of nails is tricky when you have issues with your eyesight, especially when cutting toenails, but this Nail Clipper with Magnifier can solve the issue. As is alluded to in its name, the clipper has a miniature magnifying glass placed above the blades. This makes it much easier to see what you’re doing and reduces the chance of catching the skin.

Pedicure for Tough Nails

Once yoPedicure for Tough Nails personal groomingur nails have been trimmed they may need some shaping and smoothing. The Pedicure for Tough Nails can do exactly that. The variable speed control means you can finely shape your nails to the condition you would like them and the three buffers – fine, medium, and coarse – also give you more control. This versatility also makes it suitable for removing hard and flaky skin off the underside of your feet, so you’ll have soft soles as well as groomed nails.