Braving the Elements with an Outdoor Scooter

Winter mobility scooter

The fact that the UK seems to be frequently battered by storms might make it a slightly unbelievable prospect, but spring (and with it warmer and drier weather) is on its way. And, for many who struggle with limited disability, getting back out on the roads on a mobility scooter is becoming an enticing prospect once again. With this in mind, we thought we’d draw your attention to the range of 6-8mph scooters, available at CareCo, that do a really great job of dealing with the demands of long-distance outdoor travel.

Getting on the Road with a 6-8MPH Outdoor Scooter

While not easily transportable or particularly compact, an outdoor scooter will offer plenty of benefits to the user looking for safety and comfort when taking longer journeys on the UK’s roads. Read on to find out more about 5 of the best outdoor scooters available at CareCo (all prices include VAT relief):

Travelux Discovery Sport Outdoor Scooter
Travelux Discovery Sport Outdoor Scooter

S700 Performance Outdoor Scooter: From Sunrise Medical, the S700 has been developed with distance in mind. Capable of covering 34 miles on a full charge, the S700 also comes complete with 4-wheel suspension to make a long journey as comfortable as possible. And since the theme of today’s post is about battling the elements, you’ll find the waterproof soft-touch controls are particularly useful when the inevitable shower starts.

Aviator 8MPH Mobility Scooter: We’re particularly proud of the CareCo Aviator. A sturdy and reliable model, this outdoor scooter employs a double wishbone suspension system to make for an incredibly smooth ride. The incredibly adjustable set-up includes a luxurious captain’s seat and delta tiller, while there’s also a unique headlight-dimming feature that kicks in when you bring your scooter to a halt.

Mayan AC Outdoor Scooter
Mayan AC Outdoor Scooter

Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter: Possibly the only way to brave the elements in style, the Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter pushes the boundaries of the outdoor scooter with its state-of-the-art canopy. A universal suspension system complements the pneumatic tyres to make for a smooth ride when taking on rough terrain, while the anti-roll-back device and speed-control technology are particularly useful when on the road.

Mayan AC All-Terrain Mobility Scooter: The Mayan certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you have a more adventurous soul and are looking for an outdoor scooter that can handle off-road as well as on-road journeys, then it could be a worthy investment. With the Mayan, you can reach speeds of up to 15mph (off-road only) and travel across open fields or through woods and forests, while the full-suspension seat keeps you comfortable over hills and rough terrain. And if you’re a golf fan, the turf saver tyre reduces damage to grass to keep those greenkeepers happy.

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