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New Products for May 2021

May 14, 2021 -
new spring 2021

After an unusually cold start, with one of the coldest and driest Aprils on record, we are finally starting to see a little more sunshine and the temperature is slowly creeping up (with overnight frost warnings still in places, of course).

So now is the perfect time to start planning on getting outside again to blow away the cobwebs, and more importantly, start to enjoy some normality as coronavirus restrictions are eased. With a majority of people now vaccinated (54.8 million doses given, and counting) it really is looking like we are going to soon beat this virus and be able to resume our lives once again.

So let's look at some of the exciting mobility aids that we have launched this Spring that will help you get out and about.

New Walking Canes

Epsom Luxury Walking CaneIf you want to step out in style this Spring, take a look at the Epsom Luxury Walking Cane. It comes in three stylish designs, each with a unique pattern and colour: there's a luxurious purple dash, blue ice, or a colourful and fun rainbow mosaic.

These canes some with a wrist strap and are also height adjustable between 84-94cm (33-37'').  The cane can also be folded up to make it easier to store away.

We have a range of new canes and accessories this year.

Nite-Glow Gel Folding Cane

First up is the Nite-Glow Gel Folding Cane which has a glow in the dark handle and ferrule, which means you need never lose sight of your cane in the dark again.

Now only does the handle and ferrule glows blue and green, the cane also folds up for easy storage. If you already have a cane we also sell the Glow in the Dark Ferrule separately.    

Big Base Quad CaneIf you like extra stability and support with your walking stick, then the Big Base Quad Cane is for you.

It has a sturdy horizonal handle, and four feet each with a high quality ferrule to help spread the load and grip the ground better.

It is height adjustable too, so is suitable for everybody of all heights from short to tall.

360 Suspension Cane TipIf you want to give your existing cane or walking stick some additional support, then look no further than that 360 Suspension Cane Tip which you can attach to any existing cane.

This not only provides much better grip than a standard ferrule, but it also tilts so that the full based of the ferrule stays in contact with the ground as your walk along, providing superior support.  

New Walking Frames

Prima Walking Frame with Wheels

Fresh for Spring 2021 is our new walking frame, the Prima Walking Frame, which is available with either 4 ferrules, or with 2 wheels and 2 ferrules (Prima Walking Frame with Wheels).

This is a lightweight Zimmer frame is great around the house and can also be used outdoors.

Prima Walking Frame

The Prima walking frame is also height adjustable, so suits tall and short people alike, and with a user weight limit of 25 stone (160kg) it really is suitable for almost everybody.

Access-Tec Ramp with Handrail

Access-Tec Ramp with HandrailThe Access-Tec Ramp with Handrail is a great addition to our mobility range to help you get around your home and garden better.

It is the only ramp with handrail in our range, and is the perfect choice for those who require both access for mobility scooters and wheelchairs, as well as access on foot.

The handrail provides excellent support and also peace of mind, especially when it is still a bit wet out, which seems to be the case most days so far this May!

This can be set up with just one handrail attached if you prefer, and as you can see in the photo it works great in gardens as well as over door thresholds.

Upgrades for Your Minimus Mobility Scooter

Minimus - Carry Case Click and Go Removable Basket

The Minimus is proving to be one of our most popular smaller mobility scooters. It is the lightest 4 wheel folding mobility scooter on the market, and is the perfect choice for those that do a lot of travel.

It can be manually folded up quickly to allow storage on planes, trains and in automobiles. But it was missing two important features, so as requested by several customers since its launch in 2020, we can now provide a carry case designed specifically for the Minimus.

This case provides protection for your scooter while allowing easy access to the scooter and also the handlebar, so you can still pull it along like a suitcase on wheels. We have also had a fantastic scooter basket designed for the Minimus, so you can now carry your bag and valuables more easily, as well as do a light shop.

New Mobility Scooter Rain Protection

StretchTec Mobility CoverOf course, if there is one thing we can guarantee this Spring and Summer, it is that we'll eventually enjoy some Spring showers and Summer rain.

So don't let an unexpected downpour ruin your electric mobility scooter, keep it covered in our newest waterproof cover, the StretchTec Mobility Cover, which literally stretches to fit - no more flapping about in the wind, or being picked up by a gust of wind, this new stretchy mobility scooter cover clings tight to your scooter    

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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