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Never Forget To Take Your Medicine With These Handy Weekly Pill Organisers

June 26, 2019 -
couple organising pills into a weekly reminder box

As we get older and battle more medical conditions, we find that we have more and more pills to take throughout the week.

Remembering to take one pill can be hard enough, but if you have multiple pills that need to be taken at different times on different days, it can be a real challenge to remember what you've already had and what you need to take.

For those that are suffering memory problems, such as dementia and Alzheimer's, the challenge becomes so much harder. Luckily, we stock a variety of pill boxes and pill dispensers.

Pill Boxes and Cases

The most basic pill box is the Mi Vitals Pill Organiser - simply press a button to lift the lid each day to access the pill or pills - it is large enough to contain 2-3 small pills. This is made from a clear plastic so you can easily see if there are pills inside too, which is handy for carers to quickly check that pills have been taken, and to also prompt when it needs a refill.

Mi Vitals AM/PM Week Organiser

For those who take pills twice a day, the Mi Vitals AM/PM Week Organiser is the perfect solution, with blue am and purple pm pill sections for each day of the week.

But what if you need to take 4 pills a day?

Med-Plan 7 Day Stackable Pill Tower

If you need to take more pills throughout the day, then you need a pill box reminder with more storage.

The ColourMax Weekly Multi Pill Organiser has compartments each day for morning, noon, night, plus a fourth one, making it much easier to remember to take all your pills every day.

A similar product is the Colourful Week Day Multi Pill Dispenser which sets outs 28 compartments for 4 pills a day for a week.

Each day has its own vibrant colour too, making it easier to pick the correct compartment every day.

One Month Pill Organiser

For those that need to plan ahead further, the One Month Pill Organiser is the answer. It has 32 compartments, one for every day of each month, plus a spare, and each day has an AM and PM compartment.

Pill Boxes With Alarm

Med-Alert Pill Box with TimerIf you are forgetful and need to take a pill at a set time each day you need a medication box with reminder.

The Med-Alert Pill Box with Timer is a great device that does just this - it has 2 compartments for pills and a easy to set alarm. The alarm sounds for 30 seconds and as soon as the cartridge is opened the alarm stops.

If you want daily alarm reminders, the Med-Alert Pill Organiser with Alarm is a great device. The alarm can be set to go off 4 times a day, and the alarm can be removed from the box so it is kept with the carer or individual needing medication.

We stock many more pill boxes and cases in our mobility shops and online, we have something for every prescription type and need.

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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