Suffer from Neck Pain or Whiplash? Try These Neck Support Pillows & Accessories

neck support

Every year, millions of man hours are lost in work due to neck pain, costing the country billions of pounds. Of course, if you’ve suffered a neck injury or are recovering from a type of illness that means you need extra neck support, that’s not your main concern – your health and wellbeing are. You want to be up and about as soon as possible so you can enjoy life. Neck support accessories take the weight off your back and neck to keep you comfortable and improve your posture.

Why Neck Support is Important

The neck is the part of the body that links the head (containing the brain and the most important part of the nervous system) with the rest of the body. It carries a lot of weight, so the neck muscles and spine come under a lot of strain and need to be strong. When you suffer an injury like whiplash, or any type of normal back pain, mobility is reduced. You might find you are suddenly unable to do the things you take for granted. What’s more, without proper care following serious injury, temporary loss of mobility from a neck or back injury can become permanent.

CareCo Neck Support Accessories

Medically Approved Inflatable Neck Collar

Do you have long-term health problems with your neck? The Medically Approved Inflatable Neck Collar could definitely be a big help. The canvas inlay is gentle on the neck while offering the firmness you need from this type of medical device, and the simple hand pump will inflate it in a matter of minutes for pneumatic support.

Memory Foam Neck Cushion

Blue memory Foam Neck support Cushion
The Memory Foam Neck Cushion is great for long flights and car journeys.

Are you prone to falling asleep in front of the television or in the car? Do you then wake up with a stiff neck? Do you fly on a lot of overnight flights? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then this is the essential CareCo neck support accessory for you. It has a memory foam interior, designed to mould to your neck’s shape while offering great support.

Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow

Many of us have experienced those mornings waking up with a stiff neck, unable to move. Sleeping in an odd position or the wrong type of pillow is often to blame. It’s highly likely that our sleeping pattern is disrupted with prolonged neck pain too, making us irritable and less productive. So why not upgrade your old pillows to ones with memory foam, like the Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow? The gel will keep you cool all year round, helping your body to regulate its temperature.

Universal Wheelchair Headrest

Wheelchair users are prone to poor posture, lumbar problems, back weakness and neck pain due to being seated for prolonged periods. This neck support accessory should fit most wheelchairs and powerchairs with push handles. It attaches simply and adds extra height to support the weight of your head.

Natasha Bruce-Jones