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Mobility Scooter Services - Engineer Test and Repair at Home

November 04, 2019 -
Mobility Scooter Services - Engineer Test and Repair at Home

Get Your Mobility Scooter Winter Safe

With summer well and truly over and autumn already turning bitterly cold in some parts of the UK, it is time to start thinking about giving your trusty mobility scooter its annual service. An annual service is a great way to keep your scooter running efficiently and safely, Why You Need To Service Your Mobility Scooter As with any mechanical device, faults can occur. The service will look at the motor, brakes, battery, steering, tyres and wheels, lights and other electrics, to ensure everything is in proper working order. If you take your scooter on the road it is especially important to be sure that it is mechanically safe - as the ground becomes wetter and slippier, it is vital to ensure that your tyres and brakes are in good working order. How To Get Your Mobility Scooter Serviced? One of our service engineers will come to your home to carry out the checks and service your mobility scooter. The cost for this is just £129 for labour, if new parts are required these will of course be extra - it's no different from getting your car serviced. If any work is required the parts can be ordered and the engineer will return to carry out the repair.

Book Your Service

To book your mobility scooter service, call sales on 0333 015 5000.

Remember to Care For Your Batteries

As well as a winter service, it is important to look after your batteries. Keep them dry, do not store them outside in damp or cold conditions, and ensure they are charged fully after every use, and also charged overnight once a week when not in use. Extreme cold can cause batteries to deplete quicker, so try not to store your battery or scooter in a shed or outbuilding where temperatures can drop to freezing. Read Getting the Most from your CareCo Mobility Scooter Battery.

Keep Your Scooter Dry

One of the biggest problems in the UK is rain - mobility scooters and rain really do not mix. While light showers are OK, torrential downpours and heavy rain can cause electrical failure. It is important to keep your mobility scooter dry, and it's a good idea to keep yourself dry too! Read Rain Protection Accessories for You and Your Mobility Scooter.  

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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