Mobility Scooter Security and Protection

Mobility Scooter protection

With the high cost of purchasing a mobility scooter it is essential to protect your investment from damage and theft. For this reason we have assembled a list of tips to help you ensure that your mobility scooter remains safe from harm.

Security for your Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter Alarm
Mobility Scooter Alarm

When at home you should always make sure that your mobility scooter is safely stored away and is not left out on display. It is also important to make sure that you disable your mobility scooter by removing the key and keeping it in a safe place to prevent any risk of it being removed from your premise. We recommend for added security that you think about purchasing a mobility scooter alarm which works by sounding when your mobility scooter is disturbed. This means that if anyone tries to touch your mobility scooter without your permission you will be instantly alerted to this due to the sounding mobility scooter alarm.

Protecting your Mobility Scooter from the elements

If you are planning to store your mobility scooter outside when out and about then you will have to make sure to protect it from the risk of wet weather or heavy wind as this could potentially damage your mobility scooter. There are a range of covers available to ensure that your mobility scooter remains protected which will shelter different areas of your mobility scooter such as the seat, control panel or even the entire scooter.

Insuring you Mobility Scooter

Although your scooter will initially be protected by a warranty this will generally only be for 12 months and it does not necessarily protect you from everything that could go wrong. One common misconception is that your home insurance will cover your mobility scooter but in fact like with your car this is not true. For this reason it is vital to insure your mobility scooter yourself in order to ensure that your new mobility scooter is protected from damage or theft. Remember even with a warranty this will not include accidental damage or theft and you will be liable for any damage caused to third parties.

Trevor Grange

Trevor Grange has been involved in the design and development of mobility scooters for many years and has witnessed the progression of the scooter from its basic beginnings right through to the sleek and sophisticated models you can enjoy today through CareCo. Trevor first became interested in mobility products when his Sister was born with Cerebral Palsy. She is now thriving into her 50’s. Having someone in the family who benefits personally from this industry I think gives Trevor an edge when it comes to functionality of the products.

In his spare time Trevor likes to watch his team get humiliated in the Premier League. He is also a keen tennis player and loves to travel the world.
Trevor Grange