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Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter This Summer

July 31, 2015 -
Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide

Summer is the season for getting out and about, visiting family and friends and enjoying the warmer weather, great for giving yourself a much needed vitamin D boost. However, despite the improved weather conditions you do still need to look after the components and mechanisms of your mobility scooter to ensure you're able to make the most of the next few months. No matter the time of year it's important that you thoroughly maintain your scooter to keep it in a high quality condition, so what do you need to look out for? Read on to find out more.

Check Your Scooter Batteries

The most important element of your scooter is its motor/battery system. If you're going away this summer, whether home or abroad, and you're taking your scooter with you, make sure you fully charge the batteries beforehand - this will enable you to start riding as soon as you arrive at your destination.Battery 2 As you'll see stated in your user manual, only use the charger supplied with your scooter, so ensure you take it with you when going on holiday, even if you're only away from home for a few days. Using another model of charger can not only damage your scooter and the batteries but can also cause power surges, particularly if the charger supplies the incorrect voltage to your scooter.

Are your scooter batteries able to hold a sufficient amount of power? Have you noticed a decrease in the distance you're able to travel before needing to recharge? If yes, it may be time for you to replace the batteries.

Look Over Your Scooter for Defects

Although appearances aren't everything, when it comes to looking after your scooter tending to its appearance will help improve its condition. When cleaning your scooter be aware of any scratches or dents on the frame and tiller bar, as these can get worse over time if left.

Check the underside of the frame and remove any debris such as sticks, stones or general dirt, as having pieces stuck underneath can make for a bumpy, uncomfortable journey.

Also, if you get caught in a summer shower when out and about ensure you dry the scooter properly when you return home. This includes drying the batteries and the battery compartments to prevent rust and decay.

Check The Wheels & Tyres

Ensuring your mobility scooter's wheels are in a good condition will make your journeys more stable, comfortable and safer. If your scooter is fitted with pneumatic or air-filled tyres check the pressure levels - does the figure match that stated in your user manual?

Whilst checking the pressure assess for any punctures or small holes which can lead to punctures. If a puncture/hole is found you'll need to replace the tyre to keep your scooter in working order.

hecking for punctures is incredibly important if you're taking your scooter on holiday with you as you don't want to be caught short when away from home. Take a puncture repair kit with you as a precaution.maxima main wheels2_rs Whether your scooter has pneumatic, puncture-proof or solid tyres, assess the tread. Remove any debris or stones from them to prevent further damage. Summer is the time of year that many people visit pubs, bars and restaurants, especially those with beer gardens, so be vigilant when it comes to glass - avoid driving across broken glass and carefully remove any shards that become lodged in the tyre tread.

Test Your Scooter Brakes

No matter the time of year you should check your brakes before every trip out. Are you able to stop gently as well as perform emergency stops? If not then it's time to schedule your scooter in for a service by a professional mobility scooter engineer.

Lights, Indicators & Horn

These are the scooter features that people forget to check when they assess their scooter, even though they are some of the easiest elements to replace. Assess for faults (blown bulbs, faulty wiring) and replace if necessary.


Over time your scooter's seat will become worn and damaged. When performing a maintenance check take a look at the seat's upholstery and assess for any rips, tears or holes. If substantial damage is found then it's advised you replace the chair, or at least get the upholstery repaired.

Also, much like the scooter frame and batteries, if you get caught in the rain make sure you wipe clean the seat when you return home to prevent water damage.


Over the summer months you may be tempted to keep your scooter outside, particularly on clear, dry evenings. Although this is fine ensure you've stored the scooter in a hidden area or somewhere out of direct sight of potential thieves, and always remember to remove the key once you've finished driving.Hi-vis-Wheelyscoot-crutch-sc

Alongside this, try to keep your scooter out of direct sunlight. Much like other vehicles left in the hot summer sun, the scooter frame and seat can become incredibly warm, almost to the point of you not being able to use the scooter. Keep it in the shade where possible to prevent this happening.


As recommended by any trustworthy, reliable mobility company, it's advise you get your scooter serviced at least once a year.

A professional mobility engineer will be able to spot things you may not have noticed yourself, and would be able to replace features that're faulty or broken.

You can contact your scooter's manufacturer to find out more about arranging a service. If you're interested in purchasing a new scooter you can view our entire mobility scooter range here.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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