Some Luxury CareCo Mobility Scooters and their Features

careco mobility scooter

Here at CareCo, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best prices. We recently highlighted some of our most economical budget mobility scooters. We understand that some people want more features and don’t mind paying a bit more for a device with longevity. Here, we look at the high-end and luxury CareCo mobility scooters and explain why it is sometimes worth paying a bit more for quality.

Travel Luxury Scooters

Travel mobility scooters are light, transportable models that fit easily into a car – either because they have quick release parts or fold. The following high-end or luxury CareCo mobility scooters are amongst our most popular models or have the most features.

careco mobility scootersATTO Freedom Scooter

It may not look like much at first glance but the ATTO freedom is one of the most advanced luxury CareCo mobility scooters. It’s main feature and a unique selling point as a transportable model is something called “transfolding”. When it’s all folded up, it becomes the size of a piece of luggage – small enough to go in the cabin on a flight. Total weight is just 30kg – about the weight of two suitcases together.

Luxury Scooters for the Pavement

Pavement mobility scooters are designed for short distances and limited to 4mph. The speed limitation is to stop serious injury when colliding with pedestrians. They are also lighter and more controllable than heavier models. They are not quite as transportable or as light as travel scooters, but still more transportable than those suitable for the road.

Roadworthy Luxury Scooters

Mobility scooters for the road can travel at speeds between 6-8mph although some of our off-road models go faster than that. They can be driven on the pavement but must be limited to 4mph. If you live in rural locations and places where there are few footpaths, this may be a safer option for you.

Mayan AC All Terrain

The very height of luxury and sturdiness, the Mayan all-terrain scooter is our largest ticket item. It’s not suitable for everyone, but there are some users for whom it is ideal. Do you live in a very rural location or remote area? This could be ideal for you. Did you once like walking on rugged terrain, hill walking or on moors? Low mobility need not mean you have to give these up. It’s ideal for these types of road and has a maximum speed of 15mph. Optional extras include turf protectors (to stop you tearing up a lawn) and off-road wheels (for those truly tough terrains).