Innovative Lighting Products for Dark Winter Days


Now we’re deep into autumn and approaching winter the days have become much, much shorter, making the mornings and evenings very dark. This can be a problem when navigating the house when you first wake up or get home in the early evening. Obviously, the solution is to turn the light on, but this can often result in painfully stubbing a toe or tripping over something in the dark, a real danger if you aren’t completely steady on your feet. Fortunately, there are innovative lighting products that can be a big help on those dark winter days.

Automated Lighting Products

Remote Control Wireless LED Lights

If you’d pRemote Control Wireless LED Lights (3 Pack) lightingrefer to have more direct control over your lighting then these wireless LED lights are ideal. The pack of three can be stuck to a wall or skirting board to provide light in areas that are a trip hazard in the dark, such as the stairs. They can then be controlled wirelessly by the simple remote that has controls for; on, off, low light, and a 30-minute limit. The remote has a range of 10 metres, so you can control the lights from another room. Finally, the low energy consumption of the LED’s means the three AAA batteries required per light will last for plenty of time.

Lighting Products for Mood

HASLED Colour Temperature LED Bulb with Remote Control

If you want to relax on a dark evenilightingng switching on the main light can often be too harsh and bright and ruin the cosy atmosphere. The HASLED LED Colour Temperature Bulb is the ideal solution to this. This bulb’s party piece is that the light colour and intensity can be altered by remote. You can dim the light to set up a cinematic atmosphere, or brighten it to help you see the pages of a book. You can even filter out the blue light as you begin to wind down for bed, as this has been linked to melatonin suppression, a chemical that helps you sleep.

SAD Light Pad (with Medical Approval)

Seasonal lightingaffective disorder (SAD) is a common occurrence for many people. It manifests as feelings of low mood and lethargy during the dark winter months. The SAD Light Pad has been designed to emit light that mimics daylight during the months where days are short. This has the benefit of being able to lift the low mood experienced during winter and help you feel more energetic during the days. Additionally, the compact pad can be easily moved to any room of the house and is also provided with a pouch to protect it when you travel.