Leather Riser Recliner Alternatives When You’re on a Budget

fabric leather riser recliner

A leather riser recliner is often the most aspirational choice when shopping for a riser recliner, but these are typically higher in price due to the material. However, leather isn’t your only option. You can also choose fabric or faux leather chairs to save some money. Although it may not have been you first choice there are numerous advantages beyond just the money saving benefits. So, what can fabric or faux leather offer you?

Faux Leather Riser Recliner

If you have your heart set on a leather riser recliner but simply can’t afford it, then you should take a look at chairs that are upholstered in faux leather. These faux leather chairs aim to imitate the characteristics and visual appearance of leather at a fraction of the cost and there are two types that are used on recliners:faux pu leather riser recliner

PVC: PVC leather is a completely man-made product that uses polyvinyl chloride to coat polyester fibres. This is the cheaper option when it comes to faux leather. Some advantages of PVC are that it’s incredibly easy to clean and hard wearing. Visually it’s shinier than real leather and firmer to the touch. A great example of an excellent PVC recliner was the Dakota riser recliner.

PU: PU leather is the other version of faux leather and is closer to the real thing in terms of visual appearance and physical characteristics. PU leather is made by taking fabric or shredded leather and treating it with polyurethane. The advantages of this material are that it has the suppleness and breathability of real leather for a lower price.

Fabric Riser Recliner

If you’re open minded aboufabric leather riser reclinert moving away from real leather then you may begin to consider a an Enduralux riser recliner. This may give you the opportunity to buy a chair that has additional features that would otherwise be unattainable as a real leather riser recliner. These features could include a dual motor model or even massage features, like the Wiselift Leather Heat and Massage Riser Recliner.

Another benefit of considering fabric and fake leather recliners is that you have a wider range of styles to pick from. If you need a hard wearing chair you can choose a fabric with some rigidity or, if you want a chair that is strictly focused on comfort you pick a fabric that is soft to the touch. Furthermore, some people are put off by the potential of ruining the fabric through stains or fraying, but products like the CareCo Fabric Care Kit can help you clean and treat you fabric furniture to prolong its life.