Christmas Stocking Fillers – Finding a Last Minute CareCo Xmas Gift

stocking filler

Christmas is getting close. Hopefully, you have done the bulk of your shopping and are just looking for the last stocking filler items. At CareCo we have a large selection of delightful gifts for people in your life. Here are some favourite Christmas stocking fillers.

Mi Vitals Pill Cutter

Unfortunately, tablets don’t come in halves and despite often having a perforation along the centre, it’s not always easy to break a tablet. The smaller they are, the more difficult they are to break. Take the strain out of breaking tablets and avoid them turning to chalk with this simple device. Stocking fillers are not just funny and quirky, but also functional, making life easier. Make chopping tablets easier than ever before with this great stocking filler.

Easi Grip Key Turnerstocking filler

This tiny mobility stocking filler might look like a Swiss Army Knife, but it’s far less dangerous and even more useful for people with dexterity difficulties. Keys can be fiddly and difficult to grip when you have arthritis, especially at this time of year when it is cold and your joints hurt even more than normal. The Easi Grip key turner does exactly what it sounds like –attach your keys to the device and it gives you a larger surface area and wider turning ability. It can hold up to three keys.

Robust Pillow Speaker

This compact stocking filler sits comfortably beneath your pillow so you may listen to any audio device without disturbing your partner. Whether you want to listen to music, soothing sounds, mindfulness or CBT tracks or even as a radio alarm clock, it’s an ideal accessory. The pillow muffles the sound for others around you while you can listen clearly without needing the volume up too high. It’ll plug into any device with an audio jack (mobile phone, tablet, even a PC), letting others around you sleep soundly.

LED Clip Light

Do you or yourLED Clip Light partner argue at night over one or the other’s reading habit? What the reader in a relationship really needs is a small, concentrated source of light that illuminates the book but doesn’t make the room glow. That’s why this LED clip light is such a great choice. It puts out a powerful light for low energy consumption that you may direct in such a way as not to disturb your partner or anyone else around you. With an arm that is easy to bend, those with limited dexterity can continue to enjoy reading using this simple stocking filler.

Pendant Magnifier

Do you know somebody whose eyesight is not what it once was? It seems small print is becoming tiny print and wording on the backs of jars is reaching microscopic. They might not need glasses but they still need to read tiny text. Rather than going through the expense of eye tests and glasses, treat them to one of these handy stocking fillers instead. Small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, it’s just 4.2cm across (around 1.6”) and can magnify up to five times the original size.

CareCo Exercise Bandstocking filler

Most of us aim (or at least promise) to get fit and healthy after the indulgence of Christmas. Gym subscriptions can be expensive, and most people are intimidated by the prospect of entering one. Home gym equipment appeals to most people and one of the cheapest and most effective is an exercise band. Used correctly, they are a minimum investment for great return. You may work your arms and legs and have a good stretch with this without breaking the bank or the back.

Geoff Chant

Geoff Chant is our mobility & living aids expert. He product tests everything from a can opener to our video door phones. You name it, Geoff has tried it with a critical eye and a strong sense of what can make life easier; something we all appreciate!