Stay Active With Our Mobility Friendly Exercise Equipment

group walking rambling for older people and pensioners

woman using an exercise bandThe first few weeks of a new year is filled with resolutions about getting fit and losing weight. It happens every year, but painfully few of us reach the targets we set out to achieve. With long dark nights, bad weather and plenty of Christmas food left over, it’s tempting to stay in bed on a Sunday morning. Here, we provide some exercise tips along with suggestions of mobility exercise equipment to help you stay on that rocky road towards fitness.

Remember to Start Slowly

It’s easy to start with all the enthusiasm in the world. The problem is you soon realise how tough exercise can be, especially if you are new to it. Building slowly is the key here. Some hire a personal trainer. Although they can help develop a programme for you for sustainable fitness, you won’t necessarily need their services. The NHS Couch to 5K programme helps first time runners start small and work towards a target.

Recommended CareCo Exercise Equipment to starting your exercise routine gently and sustainably includes our inexpensive exercise band. It’s a multi-use and flexible piece of equipment that will help you have fun while exercising.

Pilates or Yoga are Great Indoor Exercises

Although they both look rather gentle, you’d be amazed at just how much of a workout your body can get. Any exercise is better than no exercise and yoga and pilates are designed to tone your muscles. This keeps you supple and flexible, and helps generally mobility no matter your age. Plus, they are a great gateway to more intensive exercises. The main advantage is that when you start more vigorous exercise (running, cycling or swimming), you’ll already have the improved fitness.

Recommended CareCo Exercise Equipment includes our exercise ball for improving muscle tone with floor exercises and the exercise mat to improve comfort on the harder surfaces of your home.

Group Exercise and Walking

Joining an exercise group is a great way to get active and group walking events provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and socialise too.

electric circulation and muscle exerciserDo Cardio and Strength Exercises

The human body goes through fundamental changes as we get older. A chemical response in your brain makes you crave fatty foods and those high in carbohydrates. If you’re not exercising, this guarantees weight gain. This chemical change is not a problem in itself, but you do need to be aware of the type of exercises you need to do. Fat burning and cardio exercises are ideal for this time of year as they counteract your cravings for heavier foods. Both cardio and strength training exercises help combat fat, so follow a weight training plan for over 50s, and get more active to raise your cardio fitness too.

Recommended CareCo Exercise Equipment includes one of our two choices of pedal exercisers. Cycling is great exercise for getting the heart going. The next best thing is our pedal equipment and the Electric Circulation And Muscle Exerciser is the best of them.

Don’t “Veg Out” Until You’ve Exercised

A comfortable sofa, an inviting fire or radiator and a television are often enough motivation to decide to pass on exercise for the day. The days pass and you continue to struggle to work up the motivation, especially when it is dark and wet outside. You will need to set yourself strict targets and boundaries. One of the easiest is the simple idea of achievement and reward. Simply, don’t allow yourself to relax on the couch until you’ve earned it in the form of exercise.

Recommended CareCo Exercise Equipment includes those that you can do while sitting.

Remember to Have Fun

The main reason most people give up exercising is that they don’t enjoy it. There are ways you can increase the fun – change your exercise routine, exercise with company, share the motivation at exercise classes or even find another form of exercise you will enjoy. Exercise is not easy, but it need not be punishing.