The Lisbon and Porto Swivel Recliners: An Original Take on Living Room Luxury

man sitting in the Porto Swivel Rise Recliner
Porto Swivel Rise Recliner

You may want the rising features of a riser recliner with the rotation and elegance of a swivel recliner but can’t find a chair to fit the bill. However, the Lisbon and Porto Swivel Recliners bring the best of both worlds together for an original take on the recliner for surprisingly mid-range price tag. You can find more CareCo Swivel Recliners here.

Combined Riser and Swivel Features

The Lisbon and Porto Recliners combine the two defining characteristics of riser and swivel recliners to create a truly original armchair experience.

As soon as you look at the Lisbon and Porto Recliners you’ll notice the stylish, chrome base that tapers up into a narrow column. This allows the chair to rotate a full 360 degrees in a smooth, relaxing motion. It’s also a very light mechanism making it easy to initiate the rotation, even if you have weakness in your lower body that you feel may restrict you from doing so.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

A less obvious feature of these is the lift function. When in the lowered position you would be forgiven for assuming it’s an ordinary swivel recliner, but at the push of a button that changes. On the attached handset is the ability to gently raise the chair upwards and forwards. This can assist with standing up reducing the risk of a fall, a common difficulty for those with poor balance.

Lisbon Swivel Rise Recliner
Lisbon Swivel Rise Recliner

Electronic Reclining Features

Both riser and swivel recliners have reclining features – as their names aptly suggest – but riser recliners can do this electronically whereas most swivel recliner require manual input. However, since the Lisbon and Porto are an original amalgamation of two they can claim to be one of the few swivel recliners with electronic reclining capabilities.

The handset has chunky, easy to use buttons that can control the backrest and footrest independently of each other, thanks to the chair’s dual motors. This gives you total control over the angle and position you would like to sit in, whether it’s for comfort and relaxation or to relieve pressure on certain points of your body.

Elegant and Original Style

One of the most appealing characteristics of a swivel recliner is the elegant, timeless style reminiscent of the Eames Lounge Chair of the 1950s that they often have. Whereas riser recliners are typically bulkier in their style as comfort is a greater consideration. If you’re a person who prefers the understated style of the swivel recliners but would like more cushioning, then it can be frustrating to have no middle ground between the two design languages.

The Lisbon and Porto Swivel Recliners manage to find that happy medium between generous cushioning and elegance to create a truly original looking chair. Instead of staying within the parameters of the Eames Lounge Chair shape, the Lisbon and Porto use modern lines to accommodate both elegant shapes and a plentiful amount of cushioning. With the inclusion of genuine leather upholstery held in place with contrasting white stitching the Lisbon and Porto chairs are visually like nothing else on the market.

Erika Grange