Improve Your Wheelchair With A Powerstroll

Do you use a wheelchair on a regular basis? If you use a travel or transit chair, does your attendant/carer struggle with uneven terrain and inclines? Or, if you use a self-propelled wheelchair do you find you get tired easily and need to take breaks? A Powerstroll is the ideal solution, as you’re able to switch quickly between using your wheelchair manually or as a powered, electric wheelchair, saving you energy, time, money, and space.

Benefits Of A Powerstroll

Drive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll
Drive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll

Investing in a powerstroll comes with many benefits. If your attendant has problems pushing for long periods of time, or struggles to push your chair up hills or over uneven ground such as grassland or stones, a powerstroll erases the need for them to exert themselves. Fitting a powerstroll to your manual wheelchair keeps the control of the chair in the hands of your attendant, as they are in charge of the speed and steering, while the powerstroll’s motor does all of the work. On the other hand, if you fit a powerstroll to your self-propelled wheelchair you’re still able to control where you go, but you don’t need to tire yourself out by driving the chair manually.

Easy to install, most powerstrolls clip onto wheelchairs through mounting brackets on the back of the chair’s frame, and can be removed if you pack your chair away or if the batteries need charging. Once detached, powerstrolls are easy to transport due to their small size, and can be clipped back onto the chair in minutes. As well as powering you over long distances, powerstrolls provide extra stability, extending the life of your wheelchair and giving it new capabilities. With a powerstroll you eliminate the need to purchase an expensive, bulky electric wheelchair or powerchair, as a powerstroll gives you the freedom to choose when you use it.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Like other mobility solutions there are many different models of powerstroll available on the market. We’ve picked four of our top choices to show you what’s out there, helping you to make an informed choice. All prices stated include VAT relief.

Drive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll

Designed by Drive, the Drive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll  is a compact, lightweight way of getting around. Weighing in at 2st 3lbs (14kg), the Drive Dual Wheel can be fitted to most models of wheelchair with a seat width between 14-20in (35-50cm), and is able to support user weight up to 18st 2lbs (115kg). With its 20 Ah battery you’re able to travel up to 10 miles (16km) between charges, and with its tool-free handset installation you’ll be able to get started as quickly as possible. Your carer will be able to control the speed and the chair’s direction, and with the solid pair of wheels attached to the motor you’ll both be sure you’ll enjoy a stable ride.

U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XS

Unlike our other choices, the U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XS puts the control of the chair back into the user’s hands with the joystick fitted onto the padded armrest, converting the Engima XS self-propelled wheelchair into an electric powerchair.

U-Drive Powerstroll with Enigma XS

With a comprehensive fault management system you won’t have to worry about finding problems yourself, while the push-and-slide battery removal and on/off-board charging options simplify powering your chair. Despite weighing in at 4st 12lbs (26kg), the U-Drive can be quickly detached from the chair, with both the motor and the Enigma XS fitting easily into most car boots. With a 12 Ah battery you’ll able to travel up to 6 miles (9.6km), and with a weight limit of 18st 2lbs the U-Drive opens up a new way of travelling for a wide range of customers.

The specifications for the Enigma XS Self-Propelled Aluminium Wheelchair can be found here.

With so many benefits to be had through purchasing a powerstroll, why wait? Saving you money compared to buying an expensive electric wheelchair, a powerstroll also saves you storage space, assembly time, and the energy that’s required setting everything up.

If you’re unsure or have any questions feel free to contact our friendly customer service team on 0800 111 4774.

Carol Wang