6 Mobility Aids That Make Camping More Enjoyable

camping accessories

It’s that time of year when families plan their holidays. Not everybody wants or can afford a foreign break. Touring the UK in a camper van or pitching up a tent has its own charm and sense of adventure; many people do this every year, sometimes several times per year. Traditional camping does not appeal to everyone because of the feeling of “slumming it” but it maintains a certain appeal for people of all ages. Here, we provide a list of potentially useful CareCo camping accessories.

camping accessoriesInflatable Basin

When camping, you must ensure you take the kitchen sink with you – quite literally. Facilities at most campsites are usually basic. While they provide running water to wash implements, you’d be lucky to find plugs and washing basins. Save space in your vehicle and weight with the Inflatable Basin in the CareCo camping accessories range. Although designed for washing the body and hair, it’s no problem to use it for your washing up too.

CareCo Wet Wipes

Hygiene is one of the last things people think about when camping. When you spill food on you or get ketchup all over your fingers at home, you simply wash or wipe it off. That’s much more difficult when camping. These wet wipes take up little to no space in your camping supplies. All you need to do is add a little water or Rinse Free Body Wash (see next section) and you have a great, hygienic way of wiping off those spills, mud and dirt. CareCo camping accessories don’t get more useful than this.

Rinse Free Shampoo

The problem with most shampoos is that they remain soapy and must be washed off. With this rinse free shampoo, that is not the case. Simply wipe yourself down with a towel and it will come straight off, leaving no residue. Unlike many other types of body wash, it does not contain alcohol or parabens. It’s great for your skin, great for the outdoors when you have no water supply and a great addition to your CareCo camping accessories.

Ring Pull Can Opener

Canned food will often form the mainstay of your camping experience. Cans are secure and airtight and won’t break like glass. You’ll need a tin opener for those that don’t have a ring pull. However, some people still struggle. If you can’t get your finger beneath the ring pull or don’t have the strength or dexterity to lift it, then Ring Pull Can Opener from the range of CareCo camping accessories is a great implement for meal times. Simply hook the end beneath the ring and pull backwards. The ring should lift and the can will open.

CareCo Folding Canes

Canes are great for helping people with problems standing up. They are also useful for people who don’t have mobility problems but like to clamber along rugged terrain. Get out into the wilds of Dartmoor or the Yorkshire Moors and see nature as it is intended. Unlike most canes, this foldable cane mean that when walking on flat terrain you won’t need to worry about it hindering your progress. Simply fold it up and put it in a coat pocket.