How to Care For Your CareCo Mobility Scooter

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Congratulations, you’ve bought a CareCo mobility scooter. We hope it provides you with many years of use, helping you remain independent and enjoying the comforts and freedoms you always celebrated. A mobility scooter is an expensive item though. Rather like a bicycle or a car, it needs care and attention to ensure it keeps working for as long as possible; it needs protecting from all those things that might threaten it. Here are some handy tips on taking care of yours along with some suggestions from the CareCo range.

Keep it Clean

Unlike a car, your CareCo mobility scooter is generally open to the elements. Treat it more like a motorbike in this respect. Ensure you keep the external parts clean including the seat, the sides, the wheels, the mudguards and even the bottom where possible. Dirt, mud, grit and grime can get into moving parts and grind it down. When dirt gets into grease, it can reduce the effectiveness and cause damage. Metal will corrode in wet weather; plastics, leather and rubber will cry and crack. Cleanliness promotes a long life.

Mobility ScooterUse a CareCo Mobility Scooter Cover

There is not much you can do about water and dirt getting onto and into the vehicle while using it. However, you can protect it from the elements when you are not using it. A waterproof scooter cover will keep your CareCo mobility scooter dry, removing the risk of water-based corrosion on metal parts. Dirt and dust can also blow in, causing premature erosion and damage to your vehicle. CareCo covers for mobility scooters are cheap and an effective way to protect your investment. Alternatively, use a canopy while using the vehicle. These not only protect you from the elements but also the controls.

Keep It Serviced

As with any other motor vehicle, we recommend getting your CareCo mobility scooter serviced regularly as recommended in the documentation. Once a year is typical, though you may wish to consider doing so more often if it gets heavier use. As with a car or a motorcycle, services will identify problems and replace worn parts. This will ensure you don’t suffer a major breakdown at a critical time. Mechanical and electronic parts will wear and break over time. Take care of your mobility scooter and it will certainly continue to look after you.

CareCo Mobility Scooter Battery Care

There is a lot of conflicting advice about how to get the most effective use from your battery. How you use it and how often you charge it depends on the type of battery your device needs.

  • If your CareCo mobility scooter uses a sealed lead-acid type battery, then you should fully charge it on first use. Always charge at the end of a day’s use no matter how short the journey. If you can’t always do this or you’re going away for a while, charge the battery once per week
  • Gel battery types are slightly different. Charge it fully on first use. For the first few months, charge when the battery gets low or once per week, whichever comes first. After the 20th charge, get into a habit of charging it every day for the next two months. Then change back to your previous cycle for two months. Alternate between these two methods

Use Security Devices

One of the best ways to take care of your CareCo mobility scooter is to invest in security devices. CareCo supplies a few options here. Choices include an immobiliser and a security alarm. We also supply a GPS tracker system. Although designed for carers and family members to keep track of mobility scooter users with dementia, it makes an effective security tool too.