High End and Luxury CareCo Wheelchairs and their Features

Luxury Wheelchairs

For most people, a standard no-frills wheelchair will suffice. Light users, people who need it on the odd occasion will find that a standard model performs everything they need. Other customers look for wheelchairs with extra features or a little flashiness. They look for gadgets and luxury, flexibility and the chance to tailor each piece of equipment for individual need. We aim to provide all of these things to our customers in the range of luxury CareCo wheelchairs.

Enigma Spirit Self Propelled Wheelchair
Enigma Spirit

Luxury Self-Propelled Model: Enigma Spirit Self Propelled Wheelchair

The Enigma Spirit is the Aston Martin of self-propelled wheelchairs and arguably the pinnacle of the top of the range luxury CareCo wheelchairs. Almost every part of this wheelchair is adjustable including a tilt-in-space feature, permitting the seat and back to tilt while you maintain the stability of your legs and feet. It has adjustable footrests for maximum comfort and support of the user. It’s a modular wheelchair with optional extras including an angled and height adjustable headrest, the choice of an abduction bobbin and lateral supports.

Luxury Self-Propelled Model: Enduro Suspension Self-Propelled Wheelchair

The main selling point of the Enduro Suspension Self-Propelled Wheelchair is its commitment to comfort. A large number of wheelchair users spend most of the time in it. You need more than a chair on wheels – you need a working, functional vehicle that provides all the comfort you need. This is one of the smoothest wheelchair rides you are ever likely to experience. A good suspension reduces pressure and stress on your back and neck. With shock absorbers, an adjustable back canvas and height adjustable armrests – each piece considers your comfort. Add to that anti-tip wheels, swing-away footrests and quick release wheels and you have a wheelchair that is superior for comfort and safety.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled
Luxury Wheelchairs
Super Deluxe 2

Luxury Transit Model

Super Deluxe 2 Aluminium: CareCo luxury wheelchairs are not just available in the range of self-propelled chairs. We have a number of high-end options in transit and transport models too. This is one of the best models available in attendant-propelled vehicles. With a strong focus on comfort for prolonged use including adjustable arm pads, extra padding in the seat and improved design catches on the belt and leg rests, we feel you won’t find much better than this. When ordering, you will notice a choice of size options for your comfort in this luxury CareCo wheelchair.

Luxury Transit Model

XS2 Aluminium: One of the most important questions to consider when buying a wheelchair is whether to go for a self-propelled or attendant-propelled model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages with few models being suitable for either. That was until now. The XS2 has been designed with flexibility in mind. It’s an aluminium frame which is both sturdy and lightweight – ideal for an attendant. The most remarkable thing about this luxury CareCo wheelchair is that the smaller wheels suitable for attendant-propelled models can be replaced with the larger type so the user can self-propel. This model comes in a choice of three sizes.

Luxury Powerchair: Foldalite Pro

Foldalite Pro: Powerchairs are for users who need to mobility but have little to no upper body strength or are otherwise unable to self-proper and for whom a permanent attendant is impossible or impractical. The Foldalite Pro has some amazing features. It’s the best powerchair on the market at present and folds to such a compact size that it will go in the boot of a car. With a range of 11 miles, this model just oozes efficiency. But what about its features? Simple controls, arms that fold up, anti-tilt support and so much more make it both safe and comfortable.

Carol Wang