Help For Those Struggling To Read – Magnifying Glasses

elderly man sat at table with book, looking through magnifying glass

If you find it increasingly hard to read we have several simple solutions. The humble magnifying glass is a great help, and whether you are reading small print on a medicine jar or wish to read an old favourite book, or just need a hand with some fiddly tasks such as sewing or mending a delicate item, a magnifying glass will help. We stock five different magnifiers that each help with different day to day tasks.

Classic Magnifying Glass

Classic Magnifying Glass with black handleThe classic magnifying glass is one of the most useful tools, but so many forget they exist! Ours is a simple, high quality 3 inch (7.6cm) magnifying glass with a comfortable handle. It is perfect for small print, reading maps or examining anything small.

Easi Vision Handheld Magnifier

The Easi Vision Handheld Magnifier has a spot lens within the main lens to give an additional magnification. The main lens provide 2x magnification, and the spot lens 4x. This is a great glass for times when the text you’re reading includes some extra small print, or you need to look at the finer detail in an image or an item you are repairing.

Magnifying Table Light

Magnifying Table LightIf you like to read at a desk for table, the Magnifying Table Light is the perfect choice. This small, compact magnifier has a 12 watt light and a 4 inch magnifying glass. It will help you read, do hobbies or repair items to ease. The lamp has an adjustable stand so that you can get it perfectly positioned for your reading or tasks.

Magnifying LED Floor Lamp

Magnifying LED Floor LampIf you prefer to read in your armchair or on the sofa then the Magnifying LED Floor Lamp can be positioned over your chair between you and your book. The LED lights help illuminate the pages too, making it a perfect tool to read on gloomy days without the need to turn the main lights on.

Clear Vision Sheet Magnifier

woman using a Sheet Magnifier to read a large bookThis is a large magnifier that makes reading books and magazines so much easier. Because it is A4 size you can scan a page with your eyes rather than searching it was a smaller magnifying glass. This makes reading magazines more enjoyable. It only has 2X magnification, but this is often enough to make something that is a little hard to read easy.

CareCo Wallet Magnifying Glass

CareCo credit card sized Magnifying Glass being used to read text from a bookThe CareCo Magnifying Glass is a little different – it is designed to fit in your wallet or purse, so you can always have a magnifier at hand when out and about. If you struggle to read menus in restaurants, bus timetables or maps, then this little magnifier is for you. Also, you’ll always be able to read the small print on agreements when purchasing goods in shops, so will more easily avoid unexpected costs.

Lighted Tweezers Magnifier

Lighted Tweezers MagnifierTweezers are hard enough to handle at the best of times, but if you have failing eyesight they become near impossible. The Lighted Tweezers Magnifier is a simple device with a small magnifying glass and light attached to a pair of tweezers.

Don’t let poor eyesight stop you enjoying your hobbies or reading – our solutions will get you back reading again in no time.