Help at Home with our Trolleys & Trays

CareCo home aids sale

We have many great products to help you around the home, but today we look at these items. This includes 3 home trolleys that help you to carry food and drinks around the home safely, and 2 trays that allow you to sit on an armchair or sofa and eat from a tray on your lap, and also to more safely carry items around the home on a non-slip tray.

Non-Slip Handy Tray

woman sitting on armchair with a handy tray on her lap

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

This traditional wooden tray has a clever non-slip surface that greatly reduces the risk of cups, plates and bowls sliding. This is not only helpful when carrying a tray but also when it is on your lap. Comes in 2 sizes, small and large. Buy here.

CareCo Luxury Lap Tray

CareCo luxury lap tray

These trays come with a soft lap bean bag that moulds to the shape of your legs for extra comfort and support. The surface of the tray is easy to clean and can be cleaned with deterrents to help maintain high hygiene levels that are required to reduce risk of coronavirus infection. You can also use this tray to support a laptop if you are working from home. Buy here.

Handy Trolley

This hand trolley makes carrying food and drinks from kitchen to lounge or dining room very safe and easy. The wheels have a very smooth action and work over carpets and hard floors equally well. It has 2 trays so you can carry meals for yourself and your partner or companion at the same time – not more multiple trips to the kitchen! The trays can be removed too. Buy here.

Deluxe Height Adjustable Trolley

height adjustable trolley

Similar to the above, this trolley has the additional features of being height adjustable and hand brakes to stop it rolling forward when loading and unloading. The trays can be removed for easy cleaning too. Buy here.

Tuni Nova Indoor


If you’re looking for a really stylish and easy to handle indoor rollator, the Tuni Nova is perfect. This rollator doubles up as a trolley with a solid tray and also have a basket bag to help carry other items around the home. Buy here.

We are giving 10% off all these products until the end of March, just use code CTR10 when checking out.