Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring 2020!

man in powerchair next to woman walking in a park

We have just had the wettest and windiest February on record, but believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. Daffodils are on full display and the first bluebells are appearing in our woods, trees are blossoming and the birds are singing in the hedgerows. Thankfully, the days are getting longer too and more natural daylight helps lift our mood. So turn off your SAD lights, put away your walking stick ice grips, and pack your backpack in readiness for your first spring trip of the year.

Stay Safe and Steady

A long winter of inactivity can often result in our legs becoming a little weaker and less flexible, so be careful on your first trip outdoors this spring. A walking aid is highly recommended if you are not as stable on your feet as you once were, so either grab a cheap folding walker, or treat yourself to a stylish Tuni Prism rollator (pictured above). The Tuni comes with a bag and seat, which is great for shopping trips, or when waiting for a bus! If your old rollator is still in good mechanical health but looking a little tired, spruce it up with some of our designer rollator covers.

red wheelchair glovesGet Wheelchair Ready

If you use a wheelchair then it’s time to treat yourself to a new pair of leather wheelchair gloves – even with the sun shining we can still get a cold wind, and spring showers can leave your wheels cold and slippery. If leather is not your style, the Colourmax wheelchair glove range comes in red, blue and purple. If your wheelchair has been out of action during the bad weather, remember to carry out some safety checks, and it is showing signs of old age then head over to our wheelchair shop for a new one!

Mobility Scooter Checks

CareCo Bag for LifeSpring is the perfect season for mobility scooters. If you are a good weather mobility scooter user, remember that spring weather can be very changeable, so always head out with a scooter cape in your bag just in case. Remember to first carry out your scooter health checks, and make sure the battery is given a full charge – always keep an eye on the battery on your first trip out as storage can reduce its capacity. If you find your scooter battery is running low after only a short trip it is time a buy a replacement.

And if you are heading out to the shops, don’t forget to take your CareCo bag for life with you. 2020 may be the year the world starts to take the global environment more seriously, so do your part by reducing plastic waste!