Furniture Protection Products for Life’s Little Mishaps

furniture protection

Furniture has to endure a lot: pets, food stains, young children and episodes of incontinence are all things that can cause damage to some expensive upholstery. To help keep your more valuable possessions in top condition here are some furniture protection products available at CareCo.

Furniture Protection Pads and Covers

Waterproof Protection Pads

The range of waterproof protection pads for beds and chairs offer a shield against liquids and stains that can occur in the day to day. This could be a split glass of orange squash or even an unfortunate moment of incontinence, regardless, the protection pads have got you covered thanks to the specialised material that wicks away moisture.

The furniture protection pads designed for chairs are available in two sizes. The smaller of the two is the Waterproof Chair Protector, which covers just the seat section. The Large Waterproof Seat Protector covers both the seat and backrest.

There is also the Waterproof Bed Protector available for single, double and king-size beds. This can be laid under or over the bottom sheet to help protect the mattress, while still being comfortable and soft to touch.

Brolly Sheets

The range of DryTec Waterproof Sheets can be snuggly fitted around a bed of either single, double, or king size to provide exceptional waterproof protection. The top layer is made form 100% cotton to offer maximum comfort, while the middle layer absorbs up to two litres of liquid. Finally, the backing is completely waterproof to prevent any excess liquid escaping through to the mattress.

In the event of any accidents you can simply remove the sheets and machine wash them. This will save you from having to strip the entire bed and deep clean the mattress. You can even discreetly take them with you for when you travel elsewhere.

Furniture Protection Kits

Furniture protection isn’t only achieved by adding extra layers, there are also cleaning and protection products that are specifically designed for certain materials.

Leather Care Kit

The Leather Care Kit includes a variety of items to comprehensively clean and protect any leather furniture you may have, such as a riser recliner. Included is a bottle of leather cleaner, a bottle of leather protection cream, a tube of ink remover, a sponge and a cloth. By regularly applying the cleaner and protector your leather furniture will stay looking good as new and wear less quickly.

Fabric Care Kit

The Fabric Care Kit has a wide range of cleaners to tackle a number of different fabric types. In the kit you’ll find: stain remover, resistant stain cleaner, stain away, wipes, a sponge and a cloth. Each of these products will offer furniture protection and cleaning for a variety of different fabrics, whether it’s for chairs, carpets, mattresses, and even clothing.

Bed Pads

Both Disposable Bed Pads and Washable Bed Pads are available from CareCo. Both provide excellent protection for you and your bed at night.