5 Ways An Ottoman Bedroom Chest Can Make Your Life Easier


An ottoman is a diverse piece of furniture that most families simply cannot do without in the 21st century. They’ve been popular for centuries and most families have at least one. They are often passed down as family heirlooms. Although most commonly used in bedrooms, the CareCo ottoman range is designed for a range of functions in the living and the sleeping space. Here are some suggestions of uses for an ottoman.

1. Store Linen In Your Ottoman

The most obvious and most common use of an ottoman is to put it at the foot of the bed and store linen inside. Typically, we put spare pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers and blankets inside this type of furniture. CareCo ottomans are big enough to hold most of your regular spare bed linen and keep it neat and tidy in one place. Using an ottoman for this creates more space in your wardrobes and cupboards and looks attractive at the foot of your bed. You could make it look even less conspicuous by covering it with your favourite bed blanket.

2. Use Your Ottoman for Spare Seating

OttomanYou may be surprised to learn that although ottomans have storage space by definition, primarily they are seating. Lightweight and portable, these backless couches make the perfect additional seating for children and adults alike. They are designed to take the weight of a person, so you need not worry about your CareCo ottoman breaking beneath you. At Christmas and New Year when you have guests over, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on spare chairs, just use your ottoman!

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

3. Your Ottoman Can Be A Coffee Table

Although most CareCo ottomans are soft furnished and you probably wouldn’t want to put mugs of tea or coffee on them, the top does make great additional storage space for other items. Use them for magazines and bowls of nibbles, and trays full of drinks and biscuits. When you’ve run out of coffee table space, your attractive and functional ottoman will take up the slack. When you’ve finished with it, just put it away again, out of sight and out of mind – returning your spacious living area to normal.

4. An Ottoman Can Be a Faithful Footrest

At the end of a long day, nothing feels better than sitting down and putting your feet up with a hot beverage to watch television. Your coffee table or other low table is not particularly suitable for putting your feet up – the wood can scuff and you run the danger of scratching the glass and metal. A soft covered CareCo ottoman is more relaxing for your feet and legs and won’t be easily damaged. Plus, ottomans are lightweight and sturdy at the same time which means they are easy to move.

5. Use Your Ottoman to Store Children’s Toys

Whether you have children or grandchildren, they are likely to make a mess. It’s what children do. Rather than allowing toys and games to take an increasing amount of space in the wardrobe, on top of the wardrobe, under the bed or elsewhere, why not use an ottoman? They are broad and deep and can take more weight than you might think. You could even start your own traditions by hiding new toys (such as for Christmas or birthdays) inside a child’s ottoman.

The CareCo Ottoman Range

We have a variety of ottomans in the CareCo range., including the lightweight and flexible Buckingham, which comes with four castor wheels, making it easy to move around in the room or from room to room. You will certainly get the best use out of this model. Shop for ottomans today!