Features and Benefits of a Powerchair with Elevating Seat

Travelux Venture Electric Wheelchair

Lady using the Travelux Venture in her living roomThe Travelux Venture is no longer available. For a powerchair with elevating seat we recommend the Pride Jazzy Select 6 Ultra Electric Wheelchair.

CareCo is committed to offering a supreme choice for our customers based on emerging technology. We simply want to make life easier for everyone with mobility difficulties, no matter where you need assistance. In the eternal debate between the merits and drawbacks of each type of wheelchair, and between manual and electric, between powerchairs and electric wheelchairs, there is another mobility vehicle to add into the mix. The Travelux Venture is a popular CareCo mobility device. It’s one of our most popular right now, providing some of the best features of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, but with a few added extras.

What is the Travelux Venture?

CareCo supplies powerchairs and mobility scooters for a range of users. Each model has its benefits; some are more suitable for certain types of disability. However, all types of CareCo powerchair and mobility scooter have one major drawback – they are not ideal inside the home. Mobility scooters are large and bulky; they can be problematic to get into smaller spaces. Although powerchairs are better, they too have their limitations. They’re not particularly easy to navigate around the home due to how the controls work. They are better for the outside where there are no sharp bends, such as getting up hills and along streets.

What if you could have a device with the best features of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs/powerchairs? The Travelux Venture is one such device. It’s a popular model with CareCo powerchair customers because of the extra design functions and features.

Features and Benefits of the Travelux Venture

This is a mobility device packed full with great functions and features. There are no gimmicks here – just a desire to improve your mobility in the areas that you need the most assistance.

  • One of the best features of the Travelux Venture is the elevating seat. Few electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters offer this as a feature, but it’s invaluable to your desire for improved independence and mobility. You’ll no longer need somebody else to reach tins and jars in overhead cupboards – you can do it yourself and in safety too
  • The tight turning circle is also a welcome feature of this device. Assuming the gap is wide enough for the vehicle to get through, then tight corners are not much of a problem either. Narrower turning circles are much more common in the home than on the street. This makes this the perfect vehicle to use in your home
  • Users navigate the Travelux Venture with a simple joystick. The great thing about the controls is that they feel natural and fluid and shouldn’t put too much strain on the limbs in the way that prolonged use of a tiller or a wheel can
  • Ease of getting in and out with the swivel chair, and armrests and footrests that rise up are some of the core accessibility features of the Travelux Venture. No mobility accessory should be difficult to get in and out or to adjust when in use. This CareCo powerchair takes ease to the next level
  • We believe this is one of the most comfortable vehicles in the CareCo powerchair It has a “Captain’s Chair” type of seating arrangement which includes a headrest and ergonomic design, much like an executive office chair
  • The Travelux Venture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, unlike most other models, which are only ideal for one setting or the other. What’s more, its performance changes depending on the setting – at the push of a button you can make the powerchair ideal for use outdoors rather than indoors and vice versa
  • Its sleek and lightweight design gives it the manoeuvrability and agility you need, but this careful engineering provides the Travelux Venture with an impressive range – 17 miles (around 21km)