Some of Our Most Tried and Tested Mobility Scooters

folding mobility scooters

Our mobility scooters suit every budget whether you require a model for the road, for every-day pavement use and even some impressive lightweight transport scooters to help you live your life to the full. Here is a small selection of what we have going right now.

CareCo DynamoCareCo Dynamo Travel Mobility Scooters

If you’re looking for small and compact, inexpensive, lightweight and a great pavement CareCo mobility scooter then look no further. The Dynamo is perfect for travelling those short distances to the shops, a GP appointment or to see family. It’s collapsible, breaking down into five separate pieces so it will fit in your car for longer journeys or to take on holiday – domestic and foreign. Transport how you like, fit it into your luggage. We would recommend these type of mobility scooters for new users and those who require only light use. Choose from two colours – blue and red and rest assured that the solid tyres mean you’ll never suffer a puncture.

Valour Breast Cancer Awareness ScooterValour Breast Cancer Awareness Scooters

This is your chance to help people with breast cancer. For each purchase of this special edition Valour mobility scooter model, we will donate £20. That is not the only reason this model is a great choice. Like the Dynamo above, it breaks down into several parts, making storage and transportation easy. Its lightweight design and superb battery with a 7-mile range make it ideal for your day-to-day chores such as shopping and visiting friends. It has a rotating seat which makes it easier for you to get off and on from another seated position too. This comes in the signature pink of cancer charities.

Abilize Stride SportAbilize Stride Sport mobility scooters

Although there is no official definition of “Sport” people who buy any product with this description have certain expectations. Typically, they will include speed, agility and manoeuvrability, suspension, state-of-the-art technology and maybe even stylish and “young” looking. That certainly applies to the Abilize Stride Sport mobility scooter. The Abilize has a 17-mile range, rear suspension to make your journeys even smoother and a sleek and attractive design. But what else? Does it really deserve its “sport” moniker? Absolutely. Anti-tip wheels, LEDs, a turning seat, and breaks down easily into multiple parts and electromagnetic brakes to allow quick, smooth and easy stopping.

CareCo Daytona XLRCareCo Daytona XLR mobility scooters

Look at this impressive model of a CareCo mobility scooter. Your first thought about the Daytona is likely to be “substantial” and you won’t be wrong; it’s designed to carry up to 28st in weight – far more than any of the models so far featured here. The main reason for its size and stability is that this is designed as a road model. Therefore, it’s for longer journeys and faster speeds. The seat has armrests, a comfortable back section and a headrest, assuring your comfort on these longer distances. Substantial mobility scooters like this require extra support. Therefore, you’ll find a great front suspension to add even greater comfort.

I-Go Ultra X FoldI-Go Ultra X Fold

A complete contrast to the Daytona, the I-Go Ultra X Fold s a small, lightweight top of the range travel CareCo mobility scooter is the ultimate model for the world traveller. You’ll be amazed to see just how small it collapses. But that’s not the only reason it comes with a higher price tag than most others: it’s made from a lightweight revolutionary alloy, it has a height adjustable tiller, excellent suspension and one of the most efficient power systems presently available.